Thursday, September 6, 2012


So, my grand plan to tell you exactly how much tea I had throughout the week with a fancy chart kiiiinda fell through because I forgot to take into consideration one itty, bitty, tiny little thing:
I have the worlds shittiest memory that passes for non-impaired (unless it’s strings of numbers, in which case I will remember it for the rest of my goddamn life) and nothing to keep track of stuff outside of my laptop, which I don’t bring with me to work. Work being the place that I drink the most tea.
So, no charts this week.  Sorry!
The good news? After a major cleanup of my disaster of a room, I’ve found notebooks that I can easily turn into food and drink (and tea!) journals so I can still keep track of these things on the odd occasion I’m somewhere that is not directly in front of my laptop.  With all this, I’m suddenly reminded of my stupidity last July.
So really, the moral of this story here is that I’m a dumbass, but at least I’m a dumbass that can learn from my dumbass mistakes.  Eventually.
In other news, do you remember that post way back about a year about me fixing my tea mug with a paperclip?  Of course you do.   Well it looks like the mug I’ve been using since…well, about since the time that I stopped breaking or losing all of the other mugs last year, is finally starting to sag in its old age.  It just can’t keep it up any more.
I’m not that surprised by how long it lasted: I’m very, very rough on my mugs.  I dropped this one twice getting to work just today.  Anyway, history is repeating itself today, because I have once again made a temporary fix for my tea mug by using a paperclip. This time I have a new and improved design!
Yes, now the lever is held up by the clip that hooks onto the top instead of just wedging the clip between the mug and the lever in the hopes that it will keep the lever from moving down(hint: it won’t. Not for very long, anyway.)  Mcgyver’d it, bitches.
If my ingenious clip skills work, maybe this will keep my tea from steeping in the water for so long that my nice oolong doesn’t even last three steeps.  Wish me luck!
Finally, I may move the blog to tumblr. Or I may direct tumblr posts here when I update. I’m not entirely sure which route I will take quite yet.  On one hand, I don’t like having to update more social things than I have to, but I also really, really like some of the features of blogger.  I’m kinda torn on this.
Whatever happens, I’ll make another post on it soon, I’m sure.
Till’ then!