Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sweet! (Hot Sweet Cinnamon, that is)

Well, I was running late so I didn't get to go to World Tea House before starting dance class tonight, like I usually do.
But that's ok, because there's tea from World Tea House at Serpentine Studios! For Free*

*With the cost of, ya know, dance classes.

Anyway, today is extra special because there's a thermos of Hot Sweet Cinnamon and one free comfy chair.

In the lounge area of the studio there are lots of cushions and seats, but there is one seat in particular that is really comfy, and it is always taken.  Except for right now.

Aw yeah, Hot sweet cinnamon and the comfy chair before dance class.  Life is good.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ninjas, Mugs, and A Tiny Robot Invasion

As always, I usually try and get my christmas shopping done early, and I pretty much get everything from Think Geek, because as much as I love giving gifts, I really, really, really hate christmas shopping.

As always, a few days after I place my order, there's a new discount code e-mailed out that I could have used, and more stuff that I would have ordered.  Curses!

Oh well.  The majority of the mugs I wanted were in stock, and this year I did manage to get myself some ninja-shaped cookie cutters.  Everyone will get mugs and cookies.  They may even get the cookies in the mugs.  That depends on how difficult I want to make things for myself when it comes to wrapping.

This, plus some robot tea infusers that I can get from World Tea House, and this might be the geekiest christmas ever.

...No, I think the absolute geekiest christmas I've ever had would be the year I got the nomnomnom lunchbag and katana umbrella, but since I no longer "run with that crew," I don't know if that particular brand of magic will ever happen again.

Bah, when it comes to brands of magic, I've always preferred The Black Mages. And Wiki pages too, apparently.

Anyway, it'll be both the second geekiest christmas, and the most teaful christmas ever.

But enough about that shit. (Seriously, now that I'm done shopping I don't want to have to deal with it again until the day before I have to give out gifts when I'm frantically wrapping everything.)

Today's teas were:

Rooibos Vanilla
Lemon Ginger Mate
Re-steep of the Rooibos Vanilla.


Hot Rod
Rooibos Chai after hula hoop/dance class.

(Speaking of Dance stuff, this is going on tomorrow night and I am super excited. :3)

For now I think I'll re-steep this cup of rooibos vanilla.  I doubt it'll turn out to be much more than warm flavored water, but even that would be better than no water right now.

'Til next time.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Tea, Two Tea, Free (ish) Tea!

For the last few days, instead of starting off the day with a cup of Hot Rod (World Tea House), I've been starting with a cup of my new favorite, coconut cocoa pu-ehr.  I swear, this stuff brews at super speed; It goes from clear water to black-as-my-soul (when I'm not looking at kittens) in no time at all.
Add some milk and it's roughly the colour of my soul whilst I gaze at kittens.

Normally, I don't like to add any milk or sugar to any teas, but the coco-choco tastes great with a little bit of both.  Of course, it tastes great on its own too, as long as you don't steep it too long.
It gives a good second steep as well, which I found out yesterday after heading up World Tea House for my lunch break.

Funny totally un-related story:  My mother packed my lunch and left it for me.  I picked it up as I was about to leave, realized I had forgotten my phone, and went back to get it.  When I went back I put the bag with my lunch down, and ran around to find my phone.  Turns out it was actually already in my bag.  I grab my lunch on my way out and head to work.

I had grabbed the wrong bag.  This was not the nice, fresh lunch my mother had packed.  This was an old bag that should have been thrown out a small eternity ago.  I didn't realize until I opened the sandwhich bag and my (horribly stuffed up) nose protested that I realized my error. Ew ew ew ew.  It quickly turned into a Burrito Jax kind of day.

Lessons to be learned from this not-at-all tea related story:

Don't bring old lunches home if you don't actually plan on eating them. That's really gross.
Look at your food before you start eating it.
Burrito Jax is our saviour.  Also, the spicy food helped clear out my stuffy nose, so there's the silver lining.

Back to the tea:

While I was chowing down on my burrito, I had a cup of white guava ginger.  I wanted white because I needed one more white tea to fill out my adventure card to get a free tea but I always have white coconut creme, so I wanted to have something different.  Phil said that ginger was good if you were sick.  I mentioned that it might not be the best idea if you have a sore throat, unless you've got some licorice in there.

Anyway, my throat was feeling better, and the white guava ginger isn't super gingery anyway, so that's what I had.  I'm really not a hard sell when it comes to teas, am I?

After work I headed up and met with the usual gang, one of which was also germ-infested and getting over the cold too.  I still say that I caught it from him.  He says he caught it from me.  We may never know the truth, but rarely is the truth ever actually necessary for settling arguments.

After that there was nachos, ice cream, painkillers, and much bitching about our city's mayor, but that's another story.

That's all for now.

'Til next time.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Some helpful advice, and some whining. Mostly whining.

I'm sick.

GAAAAAAAH, I'M SIIIIIIIIIIICK! Someone come tuck me into bed and bring me soup and fuss over me until I feel better. WHINEWHINEWHINEWHINE!

I suppose I should be grateful really.  This is the first time in over a year or so that I've been this sick.  Sick enough for the cold to last for more than one day anyway.  Yay immune system!  Now if only you could hurry up and get rid of this current cold a little faster...

The place I work is open today, which is Remembrance Day.  Nothing else is open, because it's Remembrance Day.  It is absolutely miserable outside, and some of the streets are flooding.  There's renovation for a cafe going on in the same room as me, and it is really, really loud.  I don't get a lunch break today because no one else who can watch the desk is in the office, because it's Remembrance Day (which is also the case for every holiday, because I work every holiday.)  And I'm siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

None of this is actually anyone's fault, of course, it's just a really crappy combination.  One that makes me wish I was home, still under my covers.

To comfort myself I brought my tin of coconut-cocoa pu-ehr.  Oh yes, I bought a tin along with that awesome purple tea-cozy that I mentioned in the last post.  I'm sure I'll have a pic of it some time.

Oh yes, helpful advice.  As much as I usually recommend ginger tea when you're sick, I should also mention that if you have a sore throat, ginger is a bad idea unless there is also some licorice root blended in there somewhere, or unless you like having a burning sensation in the back of your throat.

Then again, maybe the burning means it's good for you.  I dunno, I'm not a doctor.  I'm just going to avoid it next time I'm sick.  Unless there's licorice.  Licorice fixes everything that ginger doesn't, including ginger itself.

Except a case of whining.  I don't think even licorice can fix someone who whines all the time. *sniffle*

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Two BIG THINGS that I MUST share:

1)  I didn't have any tea yesterday.  Not a drop.  Not even a cup of the many teas that I have at home.

2)  The Coconut Cacao Pu-Ehr Latte is on special this week at World Tea House.


I just finished a large one.  I may just go get another.  Or maybe I'll go get a white or oolong tea, since I need some of those to fill out my tea card so I can get a free one...

...One that I'll probably use on another Coconut Cacao Pu-Ehr Latte. XD

I'm also going to get some more tea to take home, and an awesome tea cozy that fits my teapot perfectly.  They were made by the amazing UberWench. (Seriously, what can't she do?) One of them is purple.  Purple.  I can't not buy this.

In other news, everyone that I'm getting gifts for this year is getting a mug.  Way to ruin the surprise, right?  The real fun will be in everyone seeing which mug they got.  I wish I knew someone who would really appreciate this that doesn't already own one.  I don't consider myself a big enough Dr. Who fan to get one for myself, as nifty as it looks.

Oh, but there are still plenty of mugs for everyone.  It will be a very muggish christmas.

Anyway, that's all for now.  'Till next time!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Tried the coconut cocoa pu-ehr as a latte, like I said I would.  I had it with soy.

I think I now know what heaven tastes like.

I always thought heaven would taste a bit more like clouds and sunshine, personally, but no.  It tastes like a chocolatey latte.  I have to admit, it's not quite as coconutty as a latte for some reason, but it's still SO EFFING GOOD.

That's right, it's so good it makes me censor myself, for fuck's sake.

My only little bit of advice would be to add some sugar.  Honey has too much of it's own flavor, and the latte on it's own, while still pretty good, is perfect with a little bit of sugar.  It's like hot chocolate without being sickly sweet.

New. Fave. Latte. <3

Oh yes, and here's a quick list of tea I had yesterday:

-Forgot to make tea before leaving, suffered through an eternity of tea-less work until my lunch break
-Coconut cocoea pu-ehr latte for lunch.  Large.  And I finished it all during my break too!
-Hot Rod to go.  I needed something to keep me a little bit perky during my shift last night.

Today I've started off the morning with hot rod (World Tea House) again, and I'm sure that I will get another coconut cocoa pu-ehr latte for lunch again today when I wander up to World Tea House.

From now on though, I will refer to it as "coco-choco latte."  Because "coconut cocoa pu-ehr", while correct, is a bit of a mouthful.

And I know I missed a couple of days, but I really can't remember what I had.  Probably more coco-choco lattes.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ah, a day off

No work = no morning shuffle, or a least a greatly reduced amount of morning shuffle.  I didn't have tea this morning because I had no real urge to be awake any earlier than I had to.  Spent the entire day moving music around, cleaning up the old laptop, and just organizing my virtual stuff.

But since I hate going to my dance class without getting some tea first, I decided to head to World Tea House first.  Maybe if I come here early enough, I won't be late to class like I usually am.

My very first tea of the day is a pot of rooibos vanilla at 7:00 pm.  Wow.

And that is about all I have to say.  Maybe I would have enjoyed watching things take forever to be copied if I'd had some tea?  Maybe.  Everything is better with some tea.

'Til next time.