Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ninjas, Mugs, and A Tiny Robot Invasion

As always, I usually try and get my christmas shopping done early, and I pretty much get everything from Think Geek, because as much as I love giving gifts, I really, really, really hate christmas shopping.

As always, a few days after I place my order, there's a new discount code e-mailed out that I could have used, and more stuff that I would have ordered.  Curses!

Oh well.  The majority of the mugs I wanted were in stock, and this year I did manage to get myself some ninja-shaped cookie cutters.  Everyone will get mugs and cookies.  They may even get the cookies in the mugs.  That depends on how difficult I want to make things for myself when it comes to wrapping.

This, plus some robot tea infusers that I can get from World Tea House, and this might be the geekiest christmas ever.

...No, I think the absolute geekiest christmas I've ever had would be the year I got the nomnomnom lunchbag and katana umbrella, but since I no longer "run with that crew," I don't know if that particular brand of magic will ever happen again.

Bah, when it comes to brands of magic, I've always preferred The Black Mages. And Wiki pages too, apparently.

Anyway, it'll be both the second geekiest christmas, and the most teaful christmas ever.

But enough about that shit. (Seriously, now that I'm done shopping I don't want to have to deal with it again until the day before I have to give out gifts when I'm frantically wrapping everything.)

Today's teas were:

Rooibos Vanilla
Lemon Ginger Mate
Re-steep of the Rooibos Vanilla.


Hot Rod
Rooibos Chai after hula hoop/dance class.

(Speaking of Dance stuff, this is going on tomorrow night and I am super excited. :3)

For now I think I'll re-steep this cup of rooibos vanilla.  I doubt it'll turn out to be much more than warm flavored water, but even that would be better than no water right now.

'Til next time.

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