Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easy Teasy!

Remember when I said that if I married any type of tea I'd be unfaithful?

Well, being such an easy tea drinker (Let's call it being teasy) is not without benefits!
I popped into World Tea House after a very good Yoga class at Serpentine Studios (which I am still recovering from today) and found a lovely surprise waiting for me:  A new teapot!

Turns out that Phil had a secret contest where to see who had the most completed adventure cards.  The whole aim of the cards is not only to reward loyal customers, but to get those customers to try different kinds of tea.  Once you've filled out all of the sections, you can get a free tea of your choice.

I don't feel bad revealing what the secret contest was, because I have no idea what his next secret contest will involve.  Maybe it'll be a draw from whoever has gives him cupcakes...

I'd be lying if I didn't think the odds were just a teensy bit in my favor with this contest that just passed, what with me being so Teasy and all.  Ha! My wild tea drinking ways have served me well!

I'm really happy for the new pot, and not just because it would have cost me $50.
I only had a small pot that holds two cups, and a tea pinch for just one cup.  I didn't have anything for any occasion where I might serve tea to than one guest.  With my new pot, I can now throw a wild, wild tea party!  Plus it matches the set of glass cups that I picked up in December.  How awesome is that?

Before I left I chatted with Phil about how I could never settle down with just one kind of tea.  He's pretty much in the same boat.  He said he couldn't even be faithful to just tea, since he occasionally drinks coffee.  I can't stand the taste of coffee, but I will never say no to an offered hot chocolate.

We agreed that we're both tea sluts.  I think I'd like a different word though, if only because I love looking looking up terms for being easy.  Tea Hussy?  Tart?  Trollop?  What else could be used?

Oh yes, because it was St. Pat's day yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a green tea latte:

My beverage of choice for St. Pat's.  Much less likely to get me in silly situations than beer.  Better tasting, too.

'Til next time!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tea + Food: What Goes With What?

Alright, I have to admit to something:  I don't usually put much thought into how food will taste if I drink a particular kind of tea with it.  If I feel like a particular tea, I usually only think about the tea, not what I'll be eating with it.  This has lead to some awful mistakes in the past.  I'd put thought into it if I were choosing wine, so why not tea?

The one exception to this would be if I'm about to eat something spicy.  My favorite tea to drink with spicy food has to be mint.  I like the cooling sensation after deliciously burning my mouth.

I suppose I also like black tea with sweet things like cakes and cookies.  That's a pretty common thing though, to balance out bitter tea with sweet treats, right?

Anyway, I will try to pay more attention to the tea I drink with food, and how I put them together.

Does anyone else have any favorite teas to drink while eating different foods?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marshmallow Latte and Pretty Things

Well.  I needed to head into town today to pop into Pretty Things Boutique.  I needed to actually get around to paying my application fee for Pretty Things' So You Think You Can Prance contest.   If you're a)around and b)not related to me, you should totally come check this out!
Anyway, because I had to come in to pay it, this of course means that I need to stay in Halifax all day unless I want to walk home.  Since I have a bellydance class later today, I might as well just stay.

Stupid bus strike. :/

Anyway, now that my errand has been run, I've decided to sit down and enjoy some tea.  Big surprise, right?  After having tried the vanilla black/russian caravan mix at home, I decided to try it as a latte here today to see if it tasted more marshmallow-y.

I think the ratio I used of 1/4 russian caravan and 3/4 vanilla black was a bit more marshmallowy, but it's still pretty yummy.  Maybe it would work better with just Lapsang? I think it's a recipe that might need some tweaking, but I think it'll be worth the effort.

That's really all for now.  Til next time!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Campfire Marshmallows, and the Return of a Fave

Well.  Lookie who got herself a part time job downtown?  Me.  I did.

Three guesses where I go for lunch breaks.

During one break last week, I was chatting with Haleigh and she mentioned a mix I hadn't thought of:
Russian Caravan and Vanilla Black.  Now, Russian Caravan has Lapsang Suchong in it, so it's a nice, full, smokey flavor.  I never would have thought to combine it with....well, anything really, but especially not something sweet like vanilla black.

It tastes a bit like roasted marshmallows.  It's actually pretty good.  I think I might get a cup next time I'm in.  I couldn't today though, because there was something much more important to drink:

The coco-cocoa freakin' pu-ehr latte is back on special at World Tea House.  SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS, YES!

I'm currently finishing up my cup right now.  I'm pretty sure if I could marry any tea, this would be the tea for me.

....Ok, that's not really true.  We all know that I'd be unfaithful.  But it would be a fun honeymoon!

'Til next time!