Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tea + Food: What Goes With What?

Alright, I have to admit to something:  I don't usually put much thought into how food will taste if I drink a particular kind of tea with it.  If I feel like a particular tea, I usually only think about the tea, not what I'll be eating with it.  This has lead to some awful mistakes in the past.  I'd put thought into it if I were choosing wine, so why not tea?

The one exception to this would be if I'm about to eat something spicy.  My favorite tea to drink with spicy food has to be mint.  I like the cooling sensation after deliciously burning my mouth.

I suppose I also like black tea with sweet things like cakes and cookies.  That's a pretty common thing though, to balance out bitter tea with sweet treats, right?

Anyway, I will try to pay more attention to the tea I drink with food, and how I put them together.

Does anyone else have any favorite teas to drink while eating different foods?


  1. This is not something I have thought terribly much about either, but I think I tend to do the same black tea with sweet things, though to me black tea is very versatile. The only thing I know I can't drink it with is greasy foods. It just destroys the flavor.

    1. I wouldn't drink black tea while eating greasy food, but I might drink it after eating something greasy. It's great for getting rid of the greasy feeling/aftertaste from eating greasy food. And if it's REALLY greasy, drinking tea afterward might help settle your tummy too!