Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hey, there's been another gap in posting.  This time it's because I don't really have teh interwebz at home at the moment, and I don't always have time to write up a blog post at work.  Except I seem to have enough time right now.  Hopefully.

Here's my tea for the last little while:

July 18
Cup of Hot Rod
Ginger Black with Extra Ginger
Re-Steep of Hot Rod
Pot of Assam, which I got in a to go cup because I totally lost track of time and had to go to a couple workshops.  I'm still finding bits of glitter on stuff.  It's awesome. <3

July 19
Pot of Rooibos Chai
An awesome rainbow-but-mostly-purple cupcake.  World Tea House has some different cupcakes, and it is a struggle not to eat them all up just because they are there and PURPLE.  Hell, I think I might go get one today if there are any left...

July 20
Yeah, I totally forgot to keep track.  I know I must have had some tea, because I had belly dance class later that day and I would have popped in for tea first, but I can't remember what I had.... Oh well.

July 21
Iced Earl Grey.
I forgot my mug and I had to work late, so I got the bag to re-steep at work later.  And then I forgot where I put the kettle, so I didn't get to have any more tea at work. :(

July 22
A pot of Earl Grey with a bit of embarrassment (note to self, do not bring new people to the tea house unless you want them to potentially meet all of your friends all at once.)
I also got some Hot Rod in my travel mug to go before I headed out TO SEE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. OMG IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.  I'd rant about it, but it really has nothing to do with tea.  On the plus side, I ran into a friend I haven't seen in a year at the show.  In fact, I spied him from half-way across the seating area in a crowd.  I'm still not really sure how I managed that, but hey, I did.  Hopefully I'll be seeing him again later today. Yay!  Maybe I should bring HIM to the tea house.  He'd probably fit in with anyone else I'd run into there.

July 23
I was soooooo tired that I needed an extra cup to get started in the morning.  So I had a cup of Hot Rod, and then I had another cup of hot rod once I got to work.
For my lunch break I wanted to catch the pride parade, so I went up to World Tea House and grabbed a large Rasberry Black to go, and watched the parade in front of Venus Envy, and then went back to work with a few extra beads, stickers, and pieces of candy. :)

And that's all for now.  'Till later!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday's Tea:

Cup of Hot Rod in the morning
Pot of Breakfast Blend at World Tea House, which I re-steeped once.

I think the breakfast blend is the most like what I remember"regular tea" to taste like.  Only, you know, better.

So, my grand plan after work yesterday was just to go and get one pot of tea.  Just one.  I'd stay for maybe an hour, get some more writing done, and then head home in time for supper.  This was the plan.

What actually ended up happening was someone else who knows Phil came in and started chatting with me, and then more friends came and we chatted, and then I ended up getting my pot re-steeped, and more chatting, and...

Yeah, I was absolutely starving by the time I got home.  Luckily, mom hadn't eaten either, so we chowed down on some pizza.


The plan today is also to just go straight home before I'm tempted to spend more money I don't have on tea.  Except I'll probably go to the tea house, and then I'll probably feel bad about it too.

I think the main reason I don't want to go straight home is just because I want to hang out with people today.  It's so nice outside, and there's a chance I'll get to chat with someone I know if I go, but I also know that a) I don't have money, and b) I could just as easily meet these same people by, you know, actually making plans to see them.  I should really do that.  It might be nice to go swimming with a few friends sometime. :D


Wow, this post didn't really have much to do with tea at all, did it?  Whoopsies.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yesterday's Tea:

Pot of Rooibos Chai
Re-steep of the pot of Rooibos Chai
A cup of a re-steeped pot of Peach Oolong that BAD shared with me (Thank You!)
One fucking delicious cookie.

K, so I bitched a lot about how I couldn't actually afford anything.
And then I went and had more tea at World Tea House.
I was actually pretty good, I only actually bought one pot

And a cookie.

In fact, this post will mostly be me talking about this cookie.

I was debating whether or not to buy the cookie.  I had already gotten a burrito and I really didn't have money to waste on anything, let alone a cookie that I shouldn't be eating anyway because I should be watching what I eat--

Wait a sec, wait a sec.  Wait one motherfucking second.  Was that me worrying about my body again?  Was that me seriously trying to talk myself out of a harmless cookie because I didn't feel good about my (fabulous) body?

Fuck that shit, Imma eat me a cookie. NOM NOM MOTHERFUCKING NOM!

So I did.  It was delicious. I have no regrets. K, that's not entirely true.  My wallet has some regrets, but the rest of me does not.

Am I always going to go eat sweets every time I catch myself feeling bad about the way I look?  No, but when I really, really want a cookie (and I really, really did yesterday, though I'm not sure why), I'm not going to let my lack of self confidence create a lack of deliciousness.  Besides, it's not as though I always want cookies and cupcakes anyway, I just really had the urge for one right then.
Normally I don't even think the cookies there are that good.  Don't get me wrong, they are delicious, but I don't think they're post-about-it-in-a-blog good, you know? (Unless you have a cookie blog, of course) The cupcakes are good enough to blog about, but that might be because I just love the colours.

Anyway, I think my stressing about the issue before finally nom-noming the cookie made it taste that much better.

Alas, now if I ever catch myself wanting another cookie I can actually be truthful when I say I can't afford it.  My waistline might fare a bit better because of this, but my taste buds will not. Le cry. T_T

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catchup and news

Past few days and stuff:

July 10
Cup of Hot Rod
Pot of Iced Vanilla Black
Pot of Iced Lemon Verbena
Re-steeped the cup of Hot Rod

July 11
Cup of Hot Rod
A large cup of Ginger Black with extra ginger root added (Can't bring pots out outside. Probably for the best, even if they were allowed outside, I'd probably smash them all)
Pot of Earl Grey.

July 12
Didn't keep track, forgot it all.  Whoopsies.

July 13
Supposedly Monkey Picked Tea.  I gave Scarlett Sparks a bag for a gift a while ago, so she brought some over for me to try.  I made up a pot, and later I re-steeped it.  I really like it.  To me it almost tastes a bit like chocolate, but not quite.
I also had a cuppa ginger after a belly dancing class.  I must be more out of shape than I thought, because today my legs are all noodly-ouch.  Anyway, I kinda felt like something kind of burny-feeling (to drink! If I was feeling burny anywhere else I'd talk to a doctor!) so ginger it was.

That's all I've got for now since today is still going on, and I'm sure there will be more tea before the day is through.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, my news and stuff.  I finally decided that I want to go back to school next September, and I even decided what I'd like to take.  What does this mean?  It means I'm actually going to try and save money for the next year instead of spending it all on tea and burritos.  It means I'm probably going to make more spreadsheets.

It means I'm not going to be buying as much tea out.

But don't worry, I'm still going to go for my lunch breaks!  I need something to do for my lunch.  For my tea consumption, all this means is that I'm not going to go up to write after work, run into someone I know and then not actually get any writing done anyway.

Not that this has been happening as much lately.  Past few times I've gone to the tea house I've actually been able to get some writing done?  What's up with that?  Maybe we all just realized that we needed to trim our tea budgets.

So, that's really all my news for now.  'Till later!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Oh So Quiet

But here I am.  You know how I've been bitching about getting a little notepad?


For those of you who can't read horrible writing captured by a crappy phone camera, it reads:

July 10
Morning: Hot Rod

Because that's all the tea I've had so far.

So yeah, rejoice! I now have no good excuse for forgetting what tea I've had, which means I'll (hopefully) stop avoiding posting for fear of not having a "perfect post, which means I'll get to bitch more.

Soyeah, that's all for now.  In the future, I will post more about tea and booze, about adorable dogs, and my need for caffeine.  For now, there's just a notepad.  Oh, and this quote:

"What temperature?"

Only when talking about tea does that exchange make any sense at all.

'Till later