Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yesterday's Tea:

Pot of Rooibos Chai
Re-steep of the pot of Rooibos Chai
A cup of a re-steeped pot of Peach Oolong that BAD shared with me (Thank You!)
One fucking delicious cookie.

K, so I bitched a lot about how I couldn't actually afford anything.
And then I went and had more tea at World Tea House.
I was actually pretty good, I only actually bought one pot

And a cookie.

In fact, this post will mostly be me talking about this cookie.

I was debating whether or not to buy the cookie.  I had already gotten a burrito and I really didn't have money to waste on anything, let alone a cookie that I shouldn't be eating anyway because I should be watching what I eat--

Wait a sec, wait a sec.  Wait one motherfucking second.  Was that me worrying about my body again?  Was that me seriously trying to talk myself out of a harmless cookie because I didn't feel good about my (fabulous) body?

Fuck that shit, Imma eat me a cookie. NOM NOM MOTHERFUCKING NOM!

So I did.  It was delicious. I have no regrets. K, that's not entirely true.  My wallet has some regrets, but the rest of me does not.

Am I always going to go eat sweets every time I catch myself feeling bad about the way I look?  No, but when I really, really want a cookie (and I really, really did yesterday, though I'm not sure why), I'm not going to let my lack of self confidence create a lack of deliciousness.  Besides, it's not as though I always want cookies and cupcakes anyway, I just really had the urge for one right then.
Normally I don't even think the cookies there are that good.  Don't get me wrong, they are delicious, but I don't think they're post-about-it-in-a-blog good, you know? (Unless you have a cookie blog, of course) The cupcakes are good enough to blog about, but that might be because I just love the colours.

Anyway, I think my stressing about the issue before finally nom-noming the cookie made it taste that much better.

Alas, now if I ever catch myself wanting another cookie I can actually be truthful when I say I can't afford it.  My waistline might fare a bit better because of this, but my taste buds will not. Le cry. T_T

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