Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Oh So Quiet

But here I am.  You know how I've been bitching about getting a little notepad?


For those of you who can't read horrible writing captured by a crappy phone camera, it reads:

July 10
Morning: Hot Rod

Because that's all the tea I've had so far.

So yeah, rejoice! I now have no good excuse for forgetting what tea I've had, which means I'll (hopefully) stop avoiding posting for fear of not having a "perfect post, which means I'll get to bitch more.

Soyeah, that's all for now.  In the future, I will post more about tea and booze, about adorable dogs, and my need for caffeine.  For now, there's just a notepad.  Oh, and this quote:

"What temperature?"

Only when talking about tea does that exchange make any sense at all.

'Till later

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