Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday's Tea:

Cup of Hot Rod in the morning
Pot of Breakfast Blend at World Tea House, which I re-steeped once.

I think the breakfast blend is the most like what I remember"regular tea" to taste like.  Only, you know, better.

So, my grand plan after work yesterday was just to go and get one pot of tea.  Just one.  I'd stay for maybe an hour, get some more writing done, and then head home in time for supper.  This was the plan.

What actually ended up happening was someone else who knows Phil came in and started chatting with me, and then more friends came and we chatted, and then I ended up getting my pot re-steeped, and more chatting, and...

Yeah, I was absolutely starving by the time I got home.  Luckily, mom hadn't eaten either, so we chowed down on some pizza.


The plan today is also to just go straight home before I'm tempted to spend more money I don't have on tea.  Except I'll probably go to the tea house, and then I'll probably feel bad about it too.

I think the main reason I don't want to go straight home is just because I want to hang out with people today.  It's so nice outside, and there's a chance I'll get to chat with someone I know if I go, but I also know that a) I don't have money, and b) I could just as easily meet these same people by, you know, actually making plans to see them.  I should really do that.  It might be nice to go swimming with a few friends sometime. :D


Wow, this post didn't really have much to do with tea at all, did it?  Whoopsies.

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