Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tricksy, but not false

[/LotR Reference]

This morning I woke up with lots of time to spare, managed to squeeze in time to do makeup AND drink a cup of tea, (Vanilla Black, World Tea House, steeped it too long but still not bad) and still got to work on time.  AND I got to sleep in because mom didn't wake me up early.  I think it's because she read my last post in this blog...Whatever the reason, thanks mom!

On my way to work, I enjoyed some chai again (Tali's Masala Chai, World Tea House).  I think this is becoming my morning tea.

So, I wandered up to World Tea House again for lunch, and I tried something else new.  Today it was a pot (not just a cup!) of Orange Spice Black.  It is a little tricksy.  I think it tastes different from how it smells.  I think I like how it smells more than how it tastes, but it still tastes good.  I like it a bit better when I drink a lot at once rather than a little sip because I think it tastes more bitter that way.  Probably because of where my taste buds are located on my tongue.  I don't know, I haven't actually talked about taste buds since I was in elementary school.
Anyway, when I say I like how it smells more than it tastes, it's because it smells absolutely wonderful.  Tangy and spicy at the same time. I wasn't getting any of the tang when I drank it though, only a bit as an aftertaste.
Half way through the pot, it hit me why I liked the smell so much:  It made me think of Christmas.  Often at that time of the year, my mother will make a kind of potpourri  thing with orange peels and spices.  The tea smelled a bit like that.  I wanted to just take the smell and curl up in it, like it was a blanket or something.

After I realized that, I drank the tea, but kept the cup close enough to my face that I could smell it.  This changed the taste entirely. Makes me wonder how different my other tea experiences would be if I kept the cup close enough to smell it the entire time...

Also, Phil let me eat my lunch there, which was super nice.  I asked first, because I knew that my food had garlic in it, and I didn't want to make the place smell too much like my lunch, but he let me.  Thanks Phil!  I still ate it in a corner though so that no one else would smell it if they came in.  I know I said I'd only bring sandwiches, but I don't pack my lunches, so I guess I can't really make that promise...(Also, thanks for packing my lunch, mom!  You spoil me!)

Above, my pot of tea, and my lunch on the side.  Maybe I could try eating my lunch really quickly in our lunch room and then running up for tea? I'll have to time myself and see how long that takes...When you've only got an hour to work with, you have to be careful with things like this.

I suppose I could try and find somewhere else to eat when I have food that needs to be heated up, but then I don't get to try more tea.  The only tea we've got in the lunch room at work is a single bag of Earl Grey. XD
(There is a kettle though, which is good.  Without that the day just does. not. happen.)

And just like last time I got to fill up on some hot water on my way out again. YAY!  I'm just finishing up that cup now.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bad events are swarming me today.

K.  I manage to get up on time.  Early.  In fact, I really wish mom would stop checking to see if I'm awake and waking me up early. I've told her not to wake me up early, but she always checks on me anyway.

I manage to just barely get out in time, which is normal, really.  It's as soon as I walk out the door that everything goes wrong.  Wait, that's not right.  Everything isn't wrong--I got here in one piece and it's pretty calm now-- just a bunch of little things.  First off, I realized five minutes before I had to leave that I had forgotten to eat breakfast.  Who forgets to eat breakfast? It's so strange for me because normally the first thing I do when I wake up is eat.  Actually, that's not right either.  The very first thing I do is roll over, then when I wake up again the first thing I do is use the bathroom.  But after THAT, I eat.  Usually a bowl of cheerios.
I did everything else I wanted to do this morning: Check messages, take a shower, get dressed, skip the makeup, make tea.  I just somehow forgot to eat.
So I quickly toast an english muffin, cover it in cream cheese, wrap it up in tin foil and put it in my bag, hoping that I'll get a moment to eat once I get to work. So far, I have managed to eat one half of it.

Oh, and then the sun was back.  Jerk.  He was taunting me yet again "Hey, you know my friend the wind? Yeah, he's really cold and blowing snow from last night EVERYWHERE! You know what I'm going to do?  Shine really, really bright so that you're blinded by all of the snow.  Which is also blowing around and making it impossible to see anyway.  Also, watch out for all the ice.  I'm the motherfucking sun!"

Toasty motherfucker. >:(

My feet were freezing too.  Probably because my boots never actually dried from yesterday.  I'm airing my socks out now.  Feet still haven't warmed up yet.

Anyway, while shivering my ass off in the wind, and remembering once my ears felt like popsicles that I had forgotten a hat as well, I get on the bus and make it work.
And I fell on the ice on the way to work.  Hopefully I won't bruise too badly.
Oh, and that's when I found out that the basket in my travel mug wasn't really secured that well.  TEA EVERYWHERE KABOOM! My new vanilla black floating around in the water, free of it's little mesh prison.

Oh, I wish I could float in some nice hot water right now.  I'm going to have such a nice hot bath when I get home.

So yeah, by the time I get to work, I'm cold, I've got snow on me, I'm cranky, and I don't have tea that I can use again for the rest of the day.

And that's just. not. acceptable.  No tea, no Ms. Boom.

So I proceed to attempt to fish my tea out of my mug by straining it with a coffee filter in the work lunch room.  It mostly worked.  I shovel out as much tea as I can, put it back in the basket, and get some more hot water.  By this point I am already late to get to the front desk.  I figure that no one will be there right away on a fucking freezing day first thing in the morning.

I thought like an idiot. :(

Eventually everybody that needs to be served is served, I have my tea, and everything can be all right.

Except it's really cold.  And people keep using the automatic door button instead of just pushing it, which keeps the doors open way longer than they need to be.  It's fucking freezing in here.  And now I'm out of tea.  Oh yeah, and I forgot my allergy medication and I think I'm starting to get red splotches on me.

Oh yeah, and I don't get to take a lunch break today either.

So yeah, no one thing is the end of the world, it's just a bunch of little things that are making me very cranky. 

I need more tea.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Caught me again, tea!

I went to World Tea House for lunch, despite the rain.  It was good timing, I ran into UberWench while I was there.
I think there were athletes from Vancouver there as well.  But I could just be pulling the location out of my ass, I don't really remember.
The nice, relaxing atmosphere there is a stark contrast to my place of work today.  Normally it's very calm as well, but today there are a few children's classes going on today.  I think it's the last day of them too, since Feb break is over this week.

I really, really wish they would be more quiet.  Like, really, really.  This only makes me more determined to never, ever have children.

Anyway, I'm still aiming to try every tea available there, so while I was there having a nice lunch break, I tried a cup of Vanilla Black.  Sweet Zombie Jesus, I love it.  I bought a tin.  I really can't afford a tin, but I bought it anyway.

My wallet.  She cries.

You know what is free there though?  Hot water.  It's awesome.  If I'm there and I have my mug handy, (and I've already bought something) I usually fill up on my way out.  So far they've been really nice about it too.  No charging me for water, no strange looks for just getting water, nothing bad.  All they ask is what kind of tea I've got so that they can put give me water at the right temperature.  Yay! <3 (Today was it was Phil.  Thanks Phil!)

I still feel a little awkward about asking for it though, so I always make sure I buy something before I ask.

Right now I'm still working my way through my nicely-refilled mug of chai. I think I like it more the second and third time around than the first, whether I get a refill while I'm out or at home.  Or maybe I just think it's so good today because World Tea House uses magical water infused with rainbows, wishes, and fairy dust.  Or maybe it's actually the right temperature.

My money's on the fairy dust.

Completely un-related:  Why do I even bother wearing lipstick in the morning? Scrambling in the morning to put on makeup takes away from my tea-making time, and I always wear off my lipstick from drinking tea all day anyway.  Not that I wouldn't still be scrambling over something in the morning, but at least I'd have a cup of tea first.

Thing is, lately I've been feeling really awkward without my makeup.  When I started wearing makeup regularly, it was because it was fun!  It was fun to dress up and feel pretty.  Lately though, I feel like I'm wearing it to cover up, rather than dress up, my face.  Not cool.  Not only am I feeling less pretty, but I'm not leaving myself enough time to drink tea before I leave in the morning.  Also, I've fallen asleep without washing my face first a few times.  I hate when I do that!  Rubbing your eyes the next morning when they're cakey with sleep AND mascara is gross.  Bad Ms. Boom! More washing!  More tea! Less lipstick!  Especially since the lipstick will be worn off by the time I get to work anyway...

Although, if I ever learn how to make mugs and teacups, I'm totally going to have a design with lipmarks painted on the rim.  That way you don't have to feel bad about leaving a lip mark on it.

Which reminds me, I want to learn how to make ceramics.  I think it might be fun to learn.  I've got ideas for bitchy teacups...

Just Peachy

Yesterday I decided to start off the morning with some mint tea on my way to work, (Pacific Coast Mint, World Tea House) probably because at the time that I was deciding what I wanted to drink, I hadn't yet brushed my teeth.  I think my mouth might have tasted a bit like what I imagine old ass to taste like, so I wanted to get as minty fresh as possible.
Also, I brushed my teeth.  That helped quite a bit.
At lunch time I wandered up to World Tea House again, and since I'm still trying to try every tea there, I went with White Peach.  It's exactly what it sounds like. (pic to come later, once my phone isn't dead)

It's also really good!  If I wasn't a) waiting for my next paycheque and b) lacking room in my kitchen because of all the other tins of tea I've already bought from there, I would pick up a tin of this too.
I'm sure that I will find a tea there that I don't like.  Someday.  It's got to happen eventually, right?

Oh, and speaking of tins, I gave one of my extra tins to my Mom.  She wanted something to keep her tea fresh at work, so I let her have it.  It's not like I don't have any others.  Besides, she wanted it for tea!  How could I deny a request like that?

So far this morning I've had two cups of chai (Tali's Masala Chai, World Tea House).  One I steeped way too long while I was doing my makeup this morning, and the second turned out much much better.  I'm still working my way through that one.

That's all for now.  I'm sure there will be more tea before the end of the day.  And I work all weekend, so that's at least three more cups of tea over the next few days.

On an un-related note, I want at least one more place that I can go out for tea, and one more place that I can buy tea for myself at home.  Why?  Because I do.  Especially flavored teas.  I'm a sucker for flavored teas.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here comes the Mango Black...

...Galaxy's defender?

I went back to World Tea House and tried another new tea.  This time it was Mango Black.

It might not have dealt with any aliens while I was there, but it was yummy.  Don't think I like it quite enough to buy a tin of it, but I would definitely buy a pot again sometime.

I have to admit, it's not as mango-y as I was expecting though.  I remember a looong time ago I had some mango tea, and it was really friggin' mango tasting, but I can't remember where I got it, or what the brand was.  I admit, I was hoping this would be like that really friggin' mango tasting tea of my past.  That's no good reason not to drink this one, but I fear it may have coloured my reaction to it.  Oh, and I had just eaten a burrito from Burrito Jax so basically for the first half of the pot I couldn't really taste anything but left-over pain from drinking a hot drink right after eating spicy food.  Second half was great though.  Oh and the burrito was delicious!

So, not as mango tasting as other mango tasting teas, but still good.  I can't fault a tea for not being another tea, that doesn't make much sense does it?  Besides, constantly comparing this tea to other teas will probably hurt its self esteem.  It needs the freedom to be its own tea!

And now I need some sort of tea training montage.  Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful?

After my tea I started feeling nomish again, so I got myself a cinnamon bun.  I wanted teh noms, dammit.  I noticed that there were new designs on some of the cookies.  Some still had a snowflake pattern that had been there before, but now there were new ones with white writing that read "WTH" for World Tea House.

I saw them and immediately thought "'What The Hell?' Why would you put what the hell on a cookie?"
Good thing the last word of this establishment doesn't begin with an F.

If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion for your next batch of cookies, maybe you should put a tea cup or a globe on them?  Maybe your logo if it will all fit?  I'm afraid I'm going to be unable to think of the current cookies as anything other than "what the hell?" cookies. Which is still kind of awesome, but probably not what you were going for.

Today I'm thinking of dragging my ass to the mall to pick up a few things.  I think I'll see what teas are available in the mall.  Just because.  Wish me luck.

PS: Have some more awesome Mango

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ahh...glorious sleep...

Slept in fairly late this morning, and I looooved it.  I haven't had any tea yet this morning, but I'm sure I'm going to fix that soon enough.

Yesterday while waiting to feel more awake I had some green tea on the way to work, and some chai while I was at work.  Only got to re-steep the chai once though, because I didn't really get many chances to run away from the front desk.  Like I said before though, I could have had it much, much, much worse.  Plus security at my work is really nice and some of them chatted with me and watched the front while I went and grabbed tea and food, or went to the washroom.

I didn't feel like going to get tea after work, so that was it for me.  I might head over to pick up some tea somewhere today, or I might just stay inside.  Not really sure what the plan is.  Not even sure if I need to make a plan.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tea, tassels, trauma, tylenol.

So, last night I went to my first burlesque workshop.  I had a lot of fun, but it started two hours after my work ended, so I had a couple hours to kill.  After eating some sushi and a salad, I decided to head back to World Tea House. to kill some time, and drink some tea.  I started on my quest to try every tea available there. It started with some peach oolong.

This was my first run-in with oolong, and I have to say that I'm happy with it.  Wasn't as peachy as the rooibos peach, but still had a tiny hint of fruit that popped up as an aftertaste.  I hate to use the term "earthy" for food, but I guess that's the best description I can think of.  Overall, I liked it.  I would drink it again.  Or at least I would, if I wasn't busy trying out all of the other teas that the shop has. After finishing my tea and reading The Coast I headed out.

Probably won't get a chance to go today because I don't think I'm going to get a lunch break.  Turns out that my co-worker got into a car accident, and the person who would normally volunteer around lunch time is sick today. Maybe I'll be around tomorrow on my day off... Or maybe I'll be busy sleeping.

I'm thinking sleeping.

I've got a bad tired-headache right now.  Sleep will help.  So would Tylenol. I can't get either right now.

Oh well, at least I didn't end up in a car accident.  Life could be much worse right now. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

quickie update

Went to World Tea House again for lunch today and saw Karen.  Got another cup of White Coconut Creme with a chocolate chip cookie. Because it doesn't hurt to stick with what you like sometimes.

I did, however, decide that, since I work so close, I'm going to work my way through every tea that shop has.  Possibly in alphabetical order.  Just because I can.

I also really need to find at least one other place to drink tea.  Why?  Because then this blog won't read like a big commercial.

Anyway, while I was there, a couple people from Global News came by to chat with the tea house owner, but he wasn't in at that time.  I hope I didn't accidentally end up on the news, my hair looks awful today.

To add even more to it, I didn't have time to shower this morning and I forgot my makeup at home, so I can't retouch what I've already got on. :(

Maybe I can run to a drug store and get something.  I need to get to a drug store anyway...

*sigh* Things were much easier when I didn't wear makeup.  There were fewer lip marks on all of my mugs and teacups...

Love, tea, and...ok, just tea.

Bit of a catchup post, so let me get started:

Feb. 17:  Had Tali's Masala Chai from World Tea House in my travel mug which I still haven't lost yet.  I just re-steeped it a couple times throughout the evening. (I sometimes work Thursday evenings now. Yay!)

Feb. 18:  Tali's Masala Chai again in the morning on the way to work.
Walked up to World Tea House and got myself a cup of Rooibos Peach. Yum!  Smooth like I would expect with Rooibos, with a hint of peach.
Got some hot water in my mug on my way out and re-steeped my Chai.
After work I got the idea to meet a friend for sushi.  Got the tea re-steeped again while I was out.  The waitress was impressed with my mug.  I also had a friend of my Aunt's who I hadn't really met before come up to me and say she was impressed with my performance in the Vagina Monologues last week.

Overall, I was feeling pretty impressive.

After dinner we wandered across the street to Just Us! where my friend got a vegan mint hot chocolate and I got a london fog, because I absolutely love their london fogs. We didn't get to stay and chat because they were closing just as we came in, but it also works out.  While wandering around I saw that Scarlett Sparks had tweeted that she was dancing that night, and so we went to go watch her while we finished our drinks.  Aside from eating way too much and feeling ill, it was a good night.

Today I decided to try something.  A while ago I used to have some green/mint tea that I liked.  I wanted green tea this morning, but I needed some mint to help calm my tummy, so I just put in a bag of green tea, and a half a spoonful of mint tea.  I think it worked out pretty well, considering.  My tummy feels better, at least. :)
I wonder how this will fare when I re-steep it later...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh yeah...

Changed the layout a bit.  Because I can.

Found someone who said they would take the background pic I want.  I must ask again about how exactly this can happen.

Cuz really?  This background pic is kind of boring.  What is that paper on the side anyway? I do not want a blog of random blurry numbers.  I want a blog of not random bitchyness. And tea.  Mostly tea.

Not too much to report

Today was a chai day.  More Tali's Masala Chai from World Tea House. Surprisingly, I didn't go there for lunch today.  Mostly because it took me too long to get ready to leave at lunch, and also because it was too fucking cold today.  The sun was shining, and it didn't even matter, because it was just so cold.  It was like the sun was just hanging out in the sky fucking mocking me.

"Oh hey, you say it's kinda bright.  Here, let me shine brighter so you have to squint.  Oh, you say you can't see the ice you're stepping on because I'm so bright?  Oh here, let me shine brighter.  It's nice and warm where I am.  I'm the motherfucking sun."

I have to admit, the clouds did show up to save me from more of the sun's cruelty later in the day, but getting my ass out in the morning was pretty rough.

Anyway, to get me through the day, I figured I'd have my chai in the travel mug of mine that I haven't lost yet.  It was yummy.  Then I got to work early and re-steeped it.  It was still yummy.  Then I filled it up again at lunch time.  It was delicious.  It was like the magic of three got into my tea and made it fucking perfect.  I liked it even more than the previous two times.

 Plus, I think the tablecloth looked kind of cool when you look through the mug.

Anyway, because I didn't get out at lunch, and because it was too fucking cold to hang around unless I had too, today was just a chai day. A delicious, delicious, chai day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guess where I'll be going...

I just got a new job placement.  It's got an awesome location downtown.

...It's also only about five minutes away from World Tea House.
Yeah, I predict a few lunches will be spent there.

ANYWAY, to start the morning I had the white coconut creme because it was all sparklyshinynew.  I'll probably do some chai or green tea tomorrow morning.

I ended up having some spare time before I had to be at work, so I stopped off at Just Us! and got an Earl Grey, which I let steep for too long.  It was still pretty good.

An example of both my mad tea-brewing and picture taking skills.

So, for lunch I headed up to World Tea House for lunch, just like I knew I would.  Turns out that my lunch actually needed to be heated.  Luckily, I was allowed to use the microwave.  I'll make sure that doesn't happen again, I promise!  I'll only come up if I've got sandwiches or something!
For lunch I had some yummy mom-packed curry chicken and rice.  I could taste the love.  I also had a cup of Rooibos tea.  It was absolutely everything I would expect from Rooibos:  Not as fancy as others, not as exciting as others, but still smooth.  Yeah.  Smooth.

Then I re-steeped the white coconut creme that I still had in the mug, and went back to work, where I finished it there.

I'm also pleased to note that the new office has a little kettle.  Hurray!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yeah, I lost it again.

Performances of the Vagina Monologues are over, and I'm really going to miss them.
But not as much as I miss my travel mug which I lost, found, lost, found again, and then lost again.  I gave up and bought a new one.  This one is in green.  Perhaps this lucky colour will keep me from loosing it.

I was over in Halifax today, so I stopped into World Tea House yet again to get some tea.  I thought I was just going to have a single cup of coconut creme.  Then my friend said she was coming by and that I could meet her.  While waiting I had a Chocolate Vanilla Mint Latte:

It wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  For some reason, I'm always surprised when the lattes here aren't sweet--Not that this is a bad thing, but for some reason it always catches me off guard.  Once I got over that though, I have to say that this was very yummy.  I mostly only tasted the mint and the chocolate, which is awesome because that's basically what I was drinking it for.  Ever since I broke up with my (now former) fiance who was allergic to mint, I've been consuming as much mint as possible.
But seriously, who's allergic to mint?  I've heard of peanuts or tomatoes or shellfish, but mint?  Really?
Anyway, on this most romantic of days, I've been feeling a teensy bit lonely, so I've decided to drown the feeling in more mint.  So far, I'd say it's working.

I also picked up a tin of coconut creme, since i love it so very, very much:

There's the tin and my new mug.

Once my friend showed up she got me a cup of Vanilla Berry Truffle.  I really like the deserty-sweet herbal teas.  My sweet tooth dominates me.

Finally, I shared some of the tea with another friend of mine at her place.  She is super fun and makes pretty, pretty, sparkly jewelry.  I will link to her etsy page once I know she's done setting it up.  She made some funky, funky earrings which I loooove.  She liked the tea too, I think.  She said she wanted to take a picture of it.  I'll ask her to send it to me once she takes it. XD

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It seemed that all hope was lost, and then...

So I brought a cuppa chai in my new travel mug with me out to dinner at Minato's (which turned out to be really annoying.  The food was fine, but one of our table guests got charged extra because the waitress messed up his order and refused to believe it could have been her fault, and I got food spilled on me.  Again.  Not going there again.) And I brought it with me to the performance that night.
And then I lost it.


I looked in the room, I asked if anyone had seen it, I checked with campus security--Nothing.

Then I remembered that I had it in my hand when I was leaving the building.  I remembered because I saw someone else with the same mug on my way out.  I realized that I had probably left it in someone else's car.

Luckily, that person was also giving me a ride back last night, and I found my mug again.  YAAAAAY! <3

Oh yeah, yesterday I had a cup of red rose out of a paper cup because it was with some free food for a meeting that someone dragged me to even though I'm not actually a student at SMU, and some mint tea before the show, because my tummy wouldn't settle down.

I'm going to take my mug with me again tonight, but I'm not letting that thing out of my sight unless I'm on stage.  If I could figure out a way to work it into the show, I would too.

OHYEAH, and yesterday after my successful little job interview (more of a quick meeting to see if everything was alright with the position, since it was through a temp agency) I treated myself to a london fog at Just Us! on Barrington.  I have something I need to get off my chest here:

Just Us! makes the best london fog ever.  It's basically perfect.  To begin with, their Earl Grey is my favorite, but even with steamed milk and sugar, it's not too sweet, it's not to bland, it's foamy and delicious.  It's perfect.

Above, my nice, large London Fog.

My favorite London Fog, my travel mug was found, and I gave a good performance.  It was a great day yesterday. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So much tea!

Another bit of a catchup post.  I've been pretty much a total sloth this past week, staying up late, getting up in the afternoon, then doing whatever I want in the late afternoon or evening.
On Monday, I did just that, stayed up the night before, dragged my lazy ass out of bed at about noon, and then met up with a friend at World Tea House, where we chatted about...well, a bunch of stuff.  I remember talking about comic book movie adaptations though.
After he left, I hung around, because I wanted somewhere to stay warm and chat with my friend who works there.  I also didn't want to go all the way back home (which is across a harbour) only to have to come back over to the same general area a couple hours later.
What this all means is that I had something like nine cups of tea while I was there.

I started things off with a pot of coconut creme.  It was delicious.
Then I had that pot re-steeped.  Just as good the second time around!
Then I decided to try a cup of pumpkin pie.  Yummy, but not really very pumpkiny.
Then I saw that the special was a lemon meringue latte, so I tried that too.  Didn't quite make me think I was drinking a pie exactly, and it did need some sugar, but once the sugar was added it was still pretty yummy, and I think it came as close to pie as a cup of tea can get.  Plus it was delicious, so that's always good, right?
I decided to end things with a cup of vanilla berry truffle, which was also delicious.

My first pot of coconut creme with a cinnamon bun, while my friend busily works in the back.

The remains of the lemon meringue latte.  Would this be the meringue then?

 While I was there, I ran out and grabbed a copy of The Coast, which was just outside the door.  While reading it, I found a coupon for World Tea House!  Haha, buy one cup, get one free!  As if I needed another excuse to go there!

A thought occurred to me while I was sitting there, reading a paper and drinking tea:  Is this what it's like in coffee shops?  People go and chat for forever over their coffee, sit, do basically nothing, and just chill out drinking their coffee?  I had never really done that.  I can't stand coffee, so once my tea or hot chocolate was done, I was basically out of there.  I don't go to coffee shops to hang out with friends or sit around and do nothing.

I really like that.  Just being able to hang out over tea.  It was fun.  I mean, logically I know I could have done that anyway--Most places that serve coffee also serve some kind of tea, or at least hot chocolate, but it just hadn't really occurred to me before.  If I hang around for too long I feel like I'm being a nuisance.

I need to go out and sit around and do nothing while drinking tea more often.

And finally, I picked up a new travel mug.  Perhaps my loss of the last one was a blessing in disguise, (even if it was a bit of an expensive one for someone who doesn't actually have a job atm...) because the new one I picked up is even better.  I loved my last one, but the lever which keeps the tea up and out of the water would always fall, and I couldn't figure out a way to tighten it.  This new one keeps the tea out of the water just fine. :D

Oh yes, and yesterday I used my new mug to drink some mint tea on the way to my dress rehearsal for the Vagina Monologues.  The rehearsal went well too.  First performance is tonight.  I'm so excited!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More of Mom's tea

During the day yesterday I made myself up a pot of Tali's Masal Chai from World Tea House again, and around supper mom made more tetley, so that's what we drank.  Again, with a splash of milk.

It's funny, because I can't even remember what I actually ate, only what I drank.  Weird.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I made myself up another cuppa mint tea before heading out to pick up a few things at the mall.  I drank it out of the travel mug I mentioned in the last post so that I'd have something to keep my hands warm on the way there.

While I was at the mall I was disappointed to find that winners did not have any more tea sets like the one I picked up before.
I was more disappointed, after all of my shopping was done, to find that I no longer had my thermos with me.


Once I got home I looked through my bags, but alas, it was not there.  The last time I remember having it was right after buying some bus tickets.  I wandered all over Mic Mac Mall after that.  Who knows where I left it?
I'm hoping that someone would have brought it to the lost and found.  If not, I might just have to pick up another one. :(

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alright, so I'm a little behind..

Time for a catch-up post!

Saturday - No tea *gasp*  It happens every now and then

Sunday - Cuppa Tali's Masala Chai from World Tea House

Monday - Actually went over to World Tea House to chat with my friend Scarlett Sparks and pick up some more tins of tea.  My chai is now replenished, and I picked up some nice Pacific Coast Mint tea while I was there, so now I have no reason to keep bitching about upset tummies.

While I was there I also decided to try a pot of Coconut Crème tea.

It.  Is.  Delicious.

If I hadn't just bought two tins of tea, I would have gotten a tin of that too.  For the best really, I probably would have opened it and smelled it all the way home.  Which would have most likely led to my spilling it on the bus, which would have led to bitter, bitter tears of defeat.
All for the best really.

Anyway, this may be the nom-nom-nummiest tea I have ever tasted.  It's awesome.  Unless you don't like coconut.  Then it might not be so awesome for you.  But I think you might still be able to taste a bit of the awesome, even if you don't like coconut.

Above, the remains of my yummy tea.  Pots of tea are served in these nifty pots that let leave the tea in for as long as you want, and pull it out when it's done steeping.  It's brought with an egg shaped timer that beeps when it's time to take the tea out. I didn't think it was quite strong enough when the timer went off, so I left it in a teensy bit longer.

On my way there, I randomly got a text from a friend inviting me out for sushi.  I am not one to turn down sushi, and the place happened to be quite close by, so once I was done my tea I headed there, enjoyed some very yummy chicken teriyaki, some unagi maki rolls, and for desert I had....Green tea ice cream!

I love green tea ice cream.  It's sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor is perfect for ending a meal, I think.  Although the definitely-sweet-probably-too-sweet flavor of mango ice cream with mango chunks in it still has to be my all time favorite.  But that's beside the point.  The point is that green tea ice cream is delicious.

Yesterday on my way to a rehearsal for The Vagina Monologues I had a cup of that mint tea that I picked up before.  Right before Christmas (in fact, it was on Christmas Eve) I picked up a tea pot for loose tea and one of these bad boys (in blue) from World Tea House.  I bought it so that I could enjoy my tea on the go, but now that I have it, I've really been making tea so that I'd have something to keep my hands warm while I was outside.
In fact, this is the main reason I've been putting off making any tea until a few minutes before I leave.  Just so I can stay warm.

You can buy the travel mugs online right from Aladdin, but this gave me an excuse to go have a chai nog latte (latte with egg nog) that day, and I didn't have to deal with pesky things like shipping, customs, and hoping I'm around when it finally gets delivered.
World Tea House also has them available online right here. (scroll down)

And yes, I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, or what I'm doing from one second to the next, but I remember what tea I had a month and a half ago.

On a side note, some time last month after buying the travel mug, I ran into someone else with the same mug, and we got to talk a little bit about tea we like.  Eventually I found out that he had gotten his there too.  For a tiny moment, I had a feeling of something close to friendship.  Is this how other people feel when they find out they are both big fans of a sports team? Author? That they both really love dogs?  The moment left and then it was back to work as usual, but for a second there I think my tea became magical.

But back to the tea I had yesterday!  It was tasty and refreshing.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go make a pot of it right now.

Finally, this morning I had a cup of tea that Mom made, which means that it was Tetley orange pekoe again.  For me and Mom it's "Regular Tea"  There's "My Tea" which could be anything, and "Regular Tea" which is just always orange pekoe.  Not always Tetley, but usually.  We drink it with a splash of milk, but no sugar.  Sometimes I add honey, but not lately.

I'll probably have another cup if Mom makes more to go with some of her apple crumble that she made earlier.  Yum....

That's it for now!