Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tricksy, but not false

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This morning I woke up with lots of time to spare, managed to squeeze in time to do makeup AND drink a cup of tea, (Vanilla Black, World Tea House, steeped it too long but still not bad) and still got to work on time.  AND I got to sleep in because mom didn't wake me up early.  I think it's because she read my last post in this blog...Whatever the reason, thanks mom!

On my way to work, I enjoyed some chai again (Tali's Masala Chai, World Tea House).  I think this is becoming my morning tea.

So, I wandered up to World Tea House again for lunch, and I tried something else new.  Today it was a pot (not just a cup!) of Orange Spice Black.  It is a little tricksy.  I think it tastes different from how it smells.  I think I like how it smells more than how it tastes, but it still tastes good.  I like it a bit better when I drink a lot at once rather than a little sip because I think it tastes more bitter that way.  Probably because of where my taste buds are located on my tongue.  I don't know, I haven't actually talked about taste buds since I was in elementary school.
Anyway, when I say I like how it smells more than it tastes, it's because it smells absolutely wonderful.  Tangy and spicy at the same time. I wasn't getting any of the tang when I drank it though, only a bit as an aftertaste.
Half way through the pot, it hit me why I liked the smell so much:  It made me think of Christmas.  Often at that time of the year, my mother will make a kind of potpourri  thing with orange peels and spices.  The tea smelled a bit like that.  I wanted to just take the smell and curl up in it, like it was a blanket or something.

After I realized that, I drank the tea, but kept the cup close enough to my face that I could smell it.  This changed the taste entirely. Makes me wonder how different my other tea experiences would be if I kept the cup close enough to smell it the entire time...

Also, Phil let me eat my lunch there, which was super nice.  I asked first, because I knew that my food had garlic in it, and I didn't want to make the place smell too much like my lunch, but he let me.  Thanks Phil!  I still ate it in a corner though so that no one else would smell it if they came in.  I know I said I'd only bring sandwiches, but I don't pack my lunches, so I guess I can't really make that promise...(Also, thanks for packing my lunch, mom!  You spoil me!)

Above, my pot of tea, and my lunch on the side.  Maybe I could try eating my lunch really quickly in our lunch room and then running up for tea? I'll have to time myself and see how long that takes...When you've only got an hour to work with, you have to be careful with things like this.

I suppose I could try and find somewhere else to eat when I have food that needs to be heated up, but then I don't get to try more tea.  The only tea we've got in the lunch room at work is a single bag of Earl Grey. XD
(There is a kettle though, which is good.  Without that the day just does. not. happen.)

And just like last time I got to fill up on some hot water on my way out again. YAY!  I'm just finishing up that cup now.

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