Friday, February 25, 2011

Caught me again, tea!

I went to World Tea House for lunch, despite the rain.  It was good timing, I ran into UberWench while I was there.
I think there were athletes from Vancouver there as well.  But I could just be pulling the location out of my ass, I don't really remember.
The nice, relaxing atmosphere there is a stark contrast to my place of work today.  Normally it's very calm as well, but today there are a few children's classes going on today.  I think it's the last day of them too, since Feb break is over this week.

I really, really wish they would be more quiet.  Like, really, really.  This only makes me more determined to never, ever have children.

Anyway, I'm still aiming to try every tea available there, so while I was there having a nice lunch break, I tried a cup of Vanilla Black.  Sweet Zombie Jesus, I love it.  I bought a tin.  I really can't afford a tin, but I bought it anyway.

My wallet.  She cries.

You know what is free there though?  Hot water.  It's awesome.  If I'm there and I have my mug handy, (and I've already bought something) I usually fill up on my way out.  So far they've been really nice about it too.  No charging me for water, no strange looks for just getting water, nothing bad.  All they ask is what kind of tea I've got so that they can put give me water at the right temperature.  Yay! <3 (Today was it was Phil.  Thanks Phil!)

I still feel a little awkward about asking for it though, so I always make sure I buy something before I ask.

Right now I'm still working my way through my nicely-refilled mug of chai. I think I like it more the second and third time around than the first, whether I get a refill while I'm out or at home.  Or maybe I just think it's so good today because World Tea House uses magical water infused with rainbows, wishes, and fairy dust.  Or maybe it's actually the right temperature.

My money's on the fairy dust.

Completely un-related:  Why do I even bother wearing lipstick in the morning? Scrambling in the morning to put on makeup takes away from my tea-making time, and I always wear off my lipstick from drinking tea all day anyway.  Not that I wouldn't still be scrambling over something in the morning, but at least I'd have a cup of tea first.

Thing is, lately I've been feeling really awkward without my makeup.  When I started wearing makeup regularly, it was because it was fun!  It was fun to dress up and feel pretty.  Lately though, I feel like I'm wearing it to cover up, rather than dress up, my face.  Not cool.  Not only am I feeling less pretty, but I'm not leaving myself enough time to drink tea before I leave in the morning.  Also, I've fallen asleep without washing my face first a few times.  I hate when I do that!  Rubbing your eyes the next morning when they're cakey with sleep AND mascara is gross.  Bad Ms. Boom! More washing!  More tea! Less lipstick!  Especially since the lipstick will be worn off by the time I get to work anyway...

Although, if I ever learn how to make mugs and teacups, I'm totally going to have a design with lipmarks painted on the rim.  That way you don't have to feel bad about leaving a lip mark on it.

Which reminds me, I want to learn how to make ceramics.  I think it might be fun to learn.  I've got ideas for bitchy teacups...

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