Thursday, February 10, 2011

So much tea!

Another bit of a catchup post.  I've been pretty much a total sloth this past week, staying up late, getting up in the afternoon, then doing whatever I want in the late afternoon or evening.
On Monday, I did just that, stayed up the night before, dragged my lazy ass out of bed at about noon, and then met up with a friend at World Tea House, where we chatted about...well, a bunch of stuff.  I remember talking about comic book movie adaptations though.
After he left, I hung around, because I wanted somewhere to stay warm and chat with my friend who works there.  I also didn't want to go all the way back home (which is across a harbour) only to have to come back over to the same general area a couple hours later.
What this all means is that I had something like nine cups of tea while I was there.

I started things off with a pot of coconut creme.  It was delicious.
Then I had that pot re-steeped.  Just as good the second time around!
Then I decided to try a cup of pumpkin pie.  Yummy, but not really very pumpkiny.
Then I saw that the special was a lemon meringue latte, so I tried that too.  Didn't quite make me think I was drinking a pie exactly, and it did need some sugar, but once the sugar was added it was still pretty yummy, and I think it came as close to pie as a cup of tea can get.  Plus it was delicious, so that's always good, right?
I decided to end things with a cup of vanilla berry truffle, which was also delicious.

My first pot of coconut creme with a cinnamon bun, while my friend busily works in the back.

The remains of the lemon meringue latte.  Would this be the meringue then?

 While I was there, I ran out and grabbed a copy of The Coast, which was just outside the door.  While reading it, I found a coupon for World Tea House!  Haha, buy one cup, get one free!  As if I needed another excuse to go there!

A thought occurred to me while I was sitting there, reading a paper and drinking tea:  Is this what it's like in coffee shops?  People go and chat for forever over their coffee, sit, do basically nothing, and just chill out drinking their coffee?  I had never really done that.  I can't stand coffee, so once my tea or hot chocolate was done, I was basically out of there.  I don't go to coffee shops to hang out with friends or sit around and do nothing.

I really like that.  Just being able to hang out over tea.  It was fun.  I mean, logically I know I could have done that anyway--Most places that serve coffee also serve some kind of tea, or at least hot chocolate, but it just hadn't really occurred to me before.  If I hang around for too long I feel like I'm being a nuisance.

I need to go out and sit around and do nothing while drinking tea more often.

And finally, I picked up a new travel mug.  Perhaps my loss of the last one was a blessing in disguise, (even if it was a bit of an expensive one for someone who doesn't actually have a job atm...) because the new one I picked up is even better.  I loved my last one, but the lever which keeps the tea up and out of the water would always fall, and I couldn't figure out a way to tighten it.  This new one keeps the tea out of the water just fine. :D

Oh yes, and yesterday I used my new mug to drink some mint tea on the way to my dress rehearsal for the Vagina Monologues.  The rehearsal went well too.  First performance is tonight.  I'm so excited!!

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