Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alright, so I'm a little behind..

Time for a catch-up post!

Saturday - No tea *gasp*  It happens every now and then

Sunday - Cuppa Tali's Masala Chai from World Tea House

Monday - Actually went over to World Tea House to chat with my friend Scarlett Sparks and pick up some more tins of tea.  My chai is now replenished, and I picked up some nice Pacific Coast Mint tea while I was there, so now I have no reason to keep bitching about upset tummies.

While I was there I also decided to try a pot of Coconut Crème tea.

It.  Is.  Delicious.

If I hadn't just bought two tins of tea, I would have gotten a tin of that too.  For the best really, I probably would have opened it and smelled it all the way home.  Which would have most likely led to my spilling it on the bus, which would have led to bitter, bitter tears of defeat.
All for the best really.

Anyway, this may be the nom-nom-nummiest tea I have ever tasted.  It's awesome.  Unless you don't like coconut.  Then it might not be so awesome for you.  But I think you might still be able to taste a bit of the awesome, even if you don't like coconut.

Above, the remains of my yummy tea.  Pots of tea are served in these nifty pots that let leave the tea in for as long as you want, and pull it out when it's done steeping.  It's brought with an egg shaped timer that beeps when it's time to take the tea out. I didn't think it was quite strong enough when the timer went off, so I left it in a teensy bit longer.

On my way there, I randomly got a text from a friend inviting me out for sushi.  I am not one to turn down sushi, and the place happened to be quite close by, so once I was done my tea I headed there, enjoyed some very yummy chicken teriyaki, some unagi maki rolls, and for desert I had....Green tea ice cream!

I love green tea ice cream.  It's sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor is perfect for ending a meal, I think.  Although the definitely-sweet-probably-too-sweet flavor of mango ice cream with mango chunks in it still has to be my all time favorite.  But that's beside the point.  The point is that green tea ice cream is delicious.

Yesterday on my way to a rehearsal for The Vagina Monologues I had a cup of that mint tea that I picked up before.  Right before Christmas (in fact, it was on Christmas Eve) I picked up a tea pot for loose tea and one of these bad boys (in blue) from World Tea House.  I bought it so that I could enjoy my tea on the go, but now that I have it, I've really been making tea so that I'd have something to keep my hands warm while I was outside.
In fact, this is the main reason I've been putting off making any tea until a few minutes before I leave.  Just so I can stay warm.

You can buy the travel mugs online right from Aladdin, but this gave me an excuse to go have a chai nog latte (latte with egg nog) that day, and I didn't have to deal with pesky things like shipping, customs, and hoping I'm around when it finally gets delivered.
World Tea House also has them available online right here. (scroll down)

And yes, I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, or what I'm doing from one second to the next, but I remember what tea I had a month and a half ago.

On a side note, some time last month after buying the travel mug, I ran into someone else with the same mug, and we got to talk a little bit about tea we like.  Eventually I found out that he had gotten his there too.  For a tiny moment, I had a feeling of something close to friendship.  Is this how other people feel when they find out they are both big fans of a sports team? Author? That they both really love dogs?  The moment left and then it was back to work as usual, but for a second there I think my tea became magical.

But back to the tea I had yesterday!  It was tasty and refreshing.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go make a pot of it right now.

Finally, this morning I had a cup of tea that Mom made, which means that it was Tetley orange pekoe again.  For me and Mom it's "Regular Tea"  There's "My Tea" which could be anything, and "Regular Tea" which is just always orange pekoe.  Not always Tetley, but usually.  We drink it with a splash of milk, but no sugar.  Sometimes I add honey, but not lately.

I'll probably have another cup if Mom makes more to go with some of her apple crumble that she made earlier.  Yum....

That's it for now!

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