Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guess where I'll be going...

I just got a new job placement.  It's got an awesome location downtown.

...It's also only about five minutes away from World Tea House.
Yeah, I predict a few lunches will be spent there.

ANYWAY, to start the morning I had the white coconut creme because it was all sparklyshinynew.  I'll probably do some chai or green tea tomorrow morning.

I ended up having some spare time before I had to be at work, so I stopped off at Just Us! and got an Earl Grey, which I let steep for too long.  It was still pretty good.

An example of both my mad tea-brewing and picture taking skills.

So, for lunch I headed up to World Tea House for lunch, just like I knew I would.  Turns out that my lunch actually needed to be heated.  Luckily, I was allowed to use the microwave.  I'll make sure that doesn't happen again, I promise!  I'll only come up if I've got sandwiches or something!
For lunch I had some yummy mom-packed curry chicken and rice.  I could taste the love.  I also had a cup of Rooibos tea.  It was absolutely everything I would expect from Rooibos:  Not as fancy as others, not as exciting as others, but still smooth.  Yeah.  Smooth.

Then I re-steeped the white coconut creme that I still had in the mug, and went back to work, where I finished it there.

I'm also pleased to note that the new office has a little kettle.  Hurray!

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