Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here comes the Mango Black...

...Galaxy's defender?

I went back to World Tea House and tried another new tea.  This time it was Mango Black.

It might not have dealt with any aliens while I was there, but it was yummy.  Don't think I like it quite enough to buy a tin of it, but I would definitely buy a pot again sometime.

I have to admit, it's not as mango-y as I was expecting though.  I remember a looong time ago I had some mango tea, and it was really friggin' mango tasting, but I can't remember where I got it, or what the brand was.  I admit, I was hoping this would be like that really friggin' mango tasting tea of my past.  That's no good reason not to drink this one, but I fear it may have coloured my reaction to it.  Oh, and I had just eaten a burrito from Burrito Jax so basically for the first half of the pot I couldn't really taste anything but left-over pain from drinking a hot drink right after eating spicy food.  Second half was great though.  Oh and the burrito was delicious!

So, not as mango tasting as other mango tasting teas, but still good.  I can't fault a tea for not being another tea, that doesn't make much sense does it?  Besides, constantly comparing this tea to other teas will probably hurt its self esteem.  It needs the freedom to be its own tea!

And now I need some sort of tea training montage.  Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful?

After my tea I started feeling nomish again, so I got myself a cinnamon bun.  I wanted teh noms, dammit.  I noticed that there were new designs on some of the cookies.  Some still had a snowflake pattern that had been there before, but now there were new ones with white writing that read "WTH" for World Tea House.

I saw them and immediately thought "'What The Hell?' Why would you put what the hell on a cookie?"
Good thing the last word of this establishment doesn't begin with an F.

If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion for your next batch of cookies, maybe you should put a tea cup or a globe on them?  Maybe your logo if it will all fit?  I'm afraid I'm going to be unable to think of the current cookies as anything other than "what the hell?" cookies. Which is still kind of awesome, but probably not what you were going for.

Today I'm thinking of dragging my ass to the mall to pick up a few things.  I think I'll see what teas are available in the mall.  Just because.  Wish me luck.

PS: Have some more awesome Mango

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