Monday, February 21, 2011

Ahh...glorious sleep...

Slept in fairly late this morning, and I looooved it.  I haven't had any tea yet this morning, but I'm sure I'm going to fix that soon enough.

Yesterday while waiting to feel more awake I had some green tea on the way to work, and some chai while I was at work.  Only got to re-steep the chai once though, because I didn't really get many chances to run away from the front desk.  Like I said before though, I could have had it much, much, much worse.  Plus security at my work is really nice and some of them chatted with me and watched the front while I went and grabbed tea and food, or went to the washroom.

I didn't feel like going to get tea after work, so that was it for me.  I might head over to pick up some tea somewhere today, or I might just stay inside.  Not really sure what the plan is.  Not even sure if I need to make a plan.

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