Saturday, February 19, 2011

quickie update

Went to World Tea House again for lunch today and saw Karen.  Got another cup of White Coconut Creme with a chocolate chip cookie. Because it doesn't hurt to stick with what you like sometimes.

I did, however, decide that, since I work so close, I'm going to work my way through every tea that shop has.  Possibly in alphabetical order.  Just because I can.

I also really need to find at least one other place to drink tea.  Why?  Because then this blog won't read like a big commercial.

Anyway, while I was there, a couple people from Global News came by to chat with the tea house owner, but he wasn't in at that time.  I hope I didn't accidentally end up on the news, my hair looks awful today.

To add even more to it, I didn't have time to shower this morning and I forgot my makeup at home, so I can't retouch what I've already got on. :(

Maybe I can run to a drug store and get something.  I need to get to a drug store anyway...

*sigh* Things were much easier when I didn't wear makeup.  There were fewer lip marks on all of my mugs and teacups...

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  1. global news did do a peice on us that day... I came in for the free publicity :-)