Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catchup and news

Past few days and stuff:

July 10
Cup of Hot Rod
Pot of Iced Vanilla Black
Pot of Iced Lemon Verbena
Re-steeped the cup of Hot Rod

July 11
Cup of Hot Rod
A large cup of Ginger Black with extra ginger root added (Can't bring pots out outside. Probably for the best, even if they were allowed outside, I'd probably smash them all)
Pot of Earl Grey.

July 12
Didn't keep track, forgot it all.  Whoopsies.

July 13
Supposedly Monkey Picked Tea.  I gave Scarlett Sparks a bag for a gift a while ago, so she brought some over for me to try.  I made up a pot, and later I re-steeped it.  I really like it.  To me it almost tastes a bit like chocolate, but not quite.
I also had a cuppa ginger after a belly dancing class.  I must be more out of shape than I thought, because today my legs are all noodly-ouch.  Anyway, I kinda felt like something kind of burny-feeling (to drink! If I was feeling burny anywhere else I'd talk to a doctor!) so ginger it was.

That's all I've got for now since today is still going on, and I'm sure there will be more tea before the day is through.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, my news and stuff.  I finally decided that I want to go back to school next September, and I even decided what I'd like to take.  What does this mean?  It means I'm actually going to try and save money for the next year instead of spending it all on tea and burritos.  It means I'm probably going to make more spreadsheets.

It means I'm not going to be buying as much tea out.

But don't worry, I'm still going to go for my lunch breaks!  I need something to do for my lunch.  For my tea consumption, all this means is that I'm not going to go up to write after work, run into someone I know and then not actually get any writing done anyway.

Not that this has been happening as much lately.  Past few times I've gone to the tea house I've actually been able to get some writing done?  What's up with that?  Maybe we all just realized that we needed to trim our tea budgets.

So, that's really all my news for now.  'Till later!

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