Monday, March 5, 2012

Campfire Marshmallows, and the Return of a Fave

Well.  Lookie who got herself a part time job downtown?  Me.  I did.

Three guesses where I go for lunch breaks.

During one break last week, I was chatting with Haleigh and she mentioned a mix I hadn't thought of:
Russian Caravan and Vanilla Black.  Now, Russian Caravan has Lapsang Suchong in it, so it's a nice, full, smokey flavor.  I never would have thought to combine it with....well, anything really, but especially not something sweet like vanilla black.

It tastes a bit like roasted marshmallows.  It's actually pretty good.  I think I might get a cup next time I'm in.  I couldn't today though, because there was something much more important to drink:

The coco-cocoa freakin' pu-ehr latte is back on special at World Tea House.  SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS, YES!

I'm currently finishing up my cup right now.  I'm pretty sure if I could marry any tea, this would be the tea for me.

....Ok, that's not really true.  We all know that I'd be unfaithful.  But it would be a fun honeymoon!

'Til next time!


  1. When you later run for president, you'll regret admitting on this blog that you're a tea slattern, that you could never in fact commit to monogamy with any one tea. ;)

    I also noted the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man. A great nightmare villain, combining something comforting with something terrifying. Can you imagine a tea tsunami?

    1. Ah, but I can't run for President because I'm not from a country that's lead by a President. :)

      If I ran a country though, I'd definitely make it a law to have tea breaks throughout the day.

      And a tea tsunami sounds terrifyingly delicious. Mostly terrifying. I think I may have to go write a story involving a tea flood now...