Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Bus Strike is Interfering With My Tea Consumption

Well, that new job placement I had that had me waking up at 5:00 am is over, unfortunately, but there may be another coming along to replace it soon.  In the meantime the only tea I have to drink is the tea I already own, since I can't get into town, since there are no busses running at the moment.

Gah, can't they see how this strike is cutting into my tea time?  This is so unfair!

I've only been out for tea a couple of times, mostly between dance classes.  Oh well.

At home I was starting off my mornings with either hot rod or coco-cocoa, but now that the job is done I don't need to make myself wake up quite so urgently.

One fun experiment of Phil's was some black matcha:  Ground up assam tea.  It was pretty good, although apparently it's great with milk.
It's also so full of caffeine that it gave me jitters and had me up until the early morning.

I think that's it for my tea experiences lately.  Not having any way to go anywhere kind of cuts down on new things you can do...

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