Friday, November 4, 2011


Tried the coconut cocoa pu-ehr as a latte, like I said I would.  I had it with soy.

I think I now know what heaven tastes like.

I always thought heaven would taste a bit more like clouds and sunshine, personally, but no.  It tastes like a chocolatey latte.  I have to admit, it's not quite as coconutty as a latte for some reason, but it's still SO EFFING GOOD.

That's right, it's so good it makes me censor myself, for fuck's sake.

My only little bit of advice would be to add some sugar.  Honey has too much of it's own flavor, and the latte on it's own, while still pretty good, is perfect with a little bit of sugar.  It's like hot chocolate without being sickly sweet.

New. Fave. Latte. <3

Oh yes, and here's a quick list of tea I had yesterday:

-Forgot to make tea before leaving, suffered through an eternity of tea-less work until my lunch break
-Coconut cocoea pu-ehr latte for lunch.  Large.  And I finished it all during my break too!
-Hot Rod to go.  I needed something to keep me a little bit perky during my shift last night.

Today I've started off the morning with hot rod (World Tea House) again, and I'm sure that I will get another coconut cocoa pu-ehr latte for lunch again today when I wander up to World Tea House.

From now on though, I will refer to it as "coco-choco latte."  Because "coconut cocoa pu-ehr", while correct, is a bit of a mouthful.

And I know I missed a couple of days, but I really can't remember what I had.  Probably more coco-choco lattes.

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