Monday, August 1, 2011

Tea...well, tea.

It's a quiet day today, so I'm going to get caught up with my tea journal now:

July 24
-Cup of Hot Rod
-Iced pot of Chocolate Monkey

I wasn't sure how the Chocolate Monkey would be iced, but it's nice.  I don't think I like it quite as much iced as hot, but it's still a great option on a hot day.

July 25
I forgot my mug at home. Again. :/
I eventually got a pot of iced Vanilla Berry Truffle. Very, very nice iced. :D

July 26
I don't think I did anything on the 26th.  I sat around and played Disgaea all day.  It was glorious.
For supper mom had "Regular" (Tetley) tea and I had a pot of ginger/mint.  It's good for upset tummies, but it's also just really nice to taste. :3

July 27
My last day of belly dance classes for the next little while, so I knew I'd be in Halifax anyway.  I decided to head over early and have some Silverneedle.  I really, really like it, and it resteeps so well, but I don't usually get it because it's a bit more expensive than the regular teas there.  I feel like it's a waste if I don't have enough time to go through a few re-steeps.
I did happen to get a pots out of it this time, and when I ran out of time, I gave the rest to 42 (the tea pirate, remember?)

July 28
...I actually can't remember.  I'm pretty sure it was a pot of Earl Grey.  I think that was the day a friend came in afterward and also got a pot of Earl Grey, which I found amusing.  I could be wrong though, that could have been another day.

July 29
-Cup of hot rod in the morning
-Pot of iced temple chai for my lunch break.
-Probably a re-steep on the hot rod, but I forgot to write it down if I did.

July 30
-Cup of Hot Rod in the morning
-Pot of Assam in the afternoon
Didn't finish the pot in time, so I put the rest in my mug. :3

July 31
-Cup of Hot Rod in the morning
I usually forget about the tins of Zhena's Gypsy Tea also available at World Tea House, but one particular Tea Pirate  recommended the Peach Ginger. I had a pot of it, iced.  Uh, yum! Super peachy!
Word of advice though, be careful when smelling it, especially if you've just opened a new tin.  Little bits of it will fly up your nose and burn a bit, in that special gingery way.
-Re-steep of the Hot Rod for the road.

That's all for now. :3

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