Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Teamas!

It's been a while, but I've got so much tea to talk about!  Holiday related tea, in fact!

First of all, Tea Nog Lattes at World Tea House.  I know I mentioned these before, but they are worth mentioning again.

I will miss you when you're gone egg nog.  Oh, I will miss you.

For a present from BAD, I got a bag of Licormint tea.  It's fantastic!  I haven't tried it out iced yet, but I really want to.  If you sip it it tastes far different than if you gulp it.  There's a big difference in taste when it's hot, when it's cold, when it's kinda lukewarm, etc.

One of the Lattes I had at World Tea House was the Coconut Cocoa Pu-Ehr Nog Latte.  OMG. IT. TASTES. SO. GOOD.  I mean, the nog lattes are basically heaven in liquid form, but with the coconut cocoa, IT'S PRETTY MUCH THE BEST THING EVER.

Speaking of coconut cocoa, guess who got a tin of it in her christmas tree this year?  And when I say in, I literally mean "in".  It was wrapped in purple tissue paper and placed in the branches of of my purple tree.  Apparently she went and asked Haleigh (who was working that day) what my favorite was.  Oh World Tea House staff, you know me so well...

Anyway, I think my mom just likes to hide things in the tree to see whether or not I'll notice them.  Luckily, this time I noticed!

I also got a tin of "tea" from World Tea House, which is just an empty tin that I can fill with tea of my choice later, and a $10 gift certificate.  Hurray!

Today I'm sipping on an absolutely lovely Monkey Nog, which is egg nog with chocolate monkey (rooibos, bits of banana and cocoa nibs).  The rooibos with the egg nog just makes it so smooth tasting.  This is absolutely lovely.

And while this isn't directly tea related, I also got a mini cupcake maker for christmas.  Tea party with adorable cupcakes?  Oh yes, I think so....

That's all for now.  'Til next time!

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