Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tea: The Manliest of Manly Drinks

Well, I was reading Mz. Magazines Marketing by Masculinizing the Feminine and while reading it I stumbled upon  Here's the list of teas they have available, including jalapeño, RadioactiviTEA, and three different flavours featuring bacon.
With the manly flavours, manly-looking website, products and rather suggestive logo, I think the only way to make it any more manly would be to have explosions coming out of every cup.

But this got me thinking:  Since when hasn't drinking tea been manly?  Or at least gender neutral?  Certainly, I've never thought of it as being particularly girly.  The exception to this might be a little girl throwing a tea party with her stuffed animals. When it comes to actually drinking actual tea though, I've never thought it was particularly feminine.  Whether it's out of a tea set or, more likely, the exact same mismatched mugs you drink your coffee out of, I just haven't felt particularly girly while drinking tea.

Have I been wrong all this time?  Have i just not noticed that tea (or rather, marketing for tea) has been geared toward me because of my ladyparts?  Have I just taken various tea companies' extra consideration of my gender for granted?  Or is it just because it doesn't necessarily cater specifically to men that it is seen as not manly?  And how does this view differ from culture to culture?  Is it the teacups?

It's the teacups, isn't it?  Extending the pinky, maybe?

Anyway, this topic gives me lots to think about, I guess.  For now, I leave you with this:

'Til next time!

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  1. This is very manly!!!!