Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh. That bitch.

Hey all, it’s been a while, but a couple of things have happened, during my long absence, so I decided to come back.

First off, I left because I got tired of always typing out “had [insert tea] this morning that’s exactly the same as the one I had yesterday. I’m writing the same thing I wrote yesterday. Why are you even reading this?”

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly what I wrote, but that’s how it felt.  It got even worse when money started getting tight, because suddenly I didn’t even have the money to buy enough teas to at least keep that daily list a little bit varied from day to day.  That thing were I got a cup of tea at lunch?  Yeah, not happening right now.

So I just…stopped. Altogether.

But what is so exciting that I’ve decided to drag myself out of super-lameness start up again?

Mostly, it's a new spreadsheet.

I’m such a nerd.

The spreadsheet isn't the only new thing I have to talk about though:  My local haunt, World Tea House has a fancy new website!  It's gotten a big facelift (actually, more like a face transplant), with a full list of teas, (all of which have gorgeous pictures) teaware, and they ship to other, far-off lands! (As in, outside of Canada.)  You should definitely go check it out. If nothing else, you should go and look at the pretty pictures of their teas. :3  Now stop what you're doing and go to worldteahouse.ca right now.  Don't worry, I'll wait.

OK, you're back now?  Let's continue:

In other news, I've had a tumblr for a while, but just now I finally decided to make a twitter account for BWATC.  Why?  Because the world needs to hear when I have a random thought relating to tea, apparently.  @BitchwATeacup.  The twitter limit was just one character short of actually being able to type out BitchWithATeacup. Motherfucker.

Now, what about that spreadsheet?
I’m a teensy bit crazy, so I’ve decided to try and keep track of different things I do on a regular basis.  This is purely because I like to play around with displaying data.
I just needed to get some data to play with.  Why not collect data from stuff I do? I might just learn something about myself.

One of the things I’ve started tracking is food and drink, and specifically tea.  Tea now has it's own seperate spreadsheet detailing how much tea I've had, what type it was, when I had it, and eventually I will have a column for estimating just how much caffeine I've ingested.
In terms of listing teas, I’m basically doing exactly what I used to by blogging about tea, only this time there are NUMBERS and SPREADSHEETS and….STUFF.

This is exciting, right?....right?

Yeah, I’m a nerd. D:

So yeah, expect more of the same “Here’s the tea I had yesterday.” Posts, but this time I’ll sprinkle it with a few tea reviews, tea-related things that have happened to me, and pretty, pretty graphs about my tea (over) consumption.

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  1. It's really nerdy if you start analysing your data with pivot tables or something.