Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Started the morning with another pot of Tali’s Masala Chai from World Tea House. I’m still working on a project that was basically due yesterday.  Didn’t go to bed until about 2:00, got up at 7:00.  I enjoy the work, but every time I look at my progress, I feel like I’m running in a hamster wheel.

I’m also still kind of pissed that I broke one of my teacups.  Not one of my nice ones, but still.  It was part of a set.  Now what am I supposed to do if I have more than two guests over at the same time, hm?
Then again, I suppose that even if none of the cups were broken, I still wouldn’t have enough if I had more than three guests over at once.  Not that I ever have more than two guests over at once.  I’m so popular like that.

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