Friday, October 21, 2011

And once again from The Tea House

Drinking at World Tea House again.  Just had a pot of ginger mint mixed up.  I was feeling crampy and gross, and I'm hunting for rubber snakes which I can't seem to find anywhere.  This medusa costume idea of mine may never happen.

Right now, I'm chatting with my friend, because that's what always happens when I come here.
What's kind of funny is that despite the fact that I'm typing this right now, he hasn't stopped talking.  I wonder if I can type everything he says right now...

Nope, can't quite do it.  Obviously, I need to work on my typing speed.  This new keyboard is still slowing me down.  Plus I really need to work on some bad typing habits I have...

But anyway, the tea! This pot of tea I just got was just what i needed.  It kind of brightened up my day.  I needed a hot drink, but I didn't feel like having any black or green tea.  I wasn't actually nauseous, but it still made me feel better. :3

Moral of story:  Ginger Mint fixes everything.

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