Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weird how my mood works...

And how simple it can be to raise or lower it.
This morning I was back to the cranky, stab-happy person I was yesterday, and now I'm feeling fantastic.

I was running late. Again.  On my way out the door, I went to grab my backup tea mug because I had left my usual one at the tea house last night.  Anyway, I went for the backup mug and found that it was dirty (which worries me because I haven't used that mug in a whiiiiile.  I'm afraid of what might be growing in it right now.)  In a rush, I decided to just bring a tea pinch and a tin of tea with me to work.  We have a kettle at the desk, so it shouldn't have been a problem.  I almost put the tea pinch in my purse but after seeing how many other things were in there, (laptop, deodorant, nintendo DS, books, wallet, a pair of shoes, etc.) I decided to put it in the bag with my loose (and ridiculously comfy) dance clothes to keep it from getting crushed....

...And then I forgot that bag at home.  I was tea-less, and didn't have proper clothes for my lunch time hula hoop class.

Eventually I made it to World Tea House and I grabbed another coconut cocoa pu-ehr, but I got it iced this time.  It is really good iced.  I still have to try it as a latte.

While I was there I picked up my mug that I had left there the night before...


Now I've got a mug full of more coconut cocoa pu-ehr.  Why so much of the same tea?  Because it's chocolatey tea, and both chocolate and tea are the keys to happiness.

Well, those and a bowl full of homemade curry squash soup made by my mom.  With that for a lunch, my mug returned, and a chocolatey tea in my system, it's pretty much impossible for me to be cranky.

PS:  It is hard for me to twirl a hula hoop around my knees at the best of times.  It's pretty much impossible for me to do it while my skirt kept getting tangled.  Not that I could have done it very well in pants anyway, but at least I wouldn't have tried to get the hoop spinning with one hand while trying to hold up my skirt without flashing anyone with the other.  Talk about awkward.

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