Thursday, October 20, 2011

Live, from Serpintine Studios!

Aw yeah, guess which awesome studio has wifi!

So, I had a big long post about tea that I'd had and a tea hair rinse and toner I made, but I lost the entire post and I haven't had the will or time to re-write it since then.

So instead, let me talk about a dance studio that I go to.  It's Serptentine Studios.  Right now I'm taking two bellydance classes, a hula hoop class twice a week, and I mere minutes away from my first yoga class here.

What does any of this have to do with tea?

They serve tea from World Tea House here.  And every time there's a new pot of tea, it's usually met with  great joy.  Which makes me wonder:  What is up with bellydancers around here and tea?  Is this a common thing in other places, or is it just Halifax?

Anyway, I just finished my cup of ginger mint to clear out my nose this morning.  Now I'm off to fill up on a fresh cup of White Coconut Creme.  Yay tea!


  1. Yay thanks Eva! I feel that we must get this Ginger mint tea at the studio, it sounds fantastic.

  2. Ginger + Mint is one they have to mix up, but it's great when your tummy is upset.