Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now that I've regained the will to blog...


I originally had a bigass post all done up, and one little finger twitch had me closing the page.  With no prompt if I wanted to leave, and nothing recovered when I came back, it was all lost.

I hate having to go back and do something over, so here's the short version:

Was inspired by the tea hair rinse described here at Crunchy Betty (seriously, love that blog liekwhoa) and was asking Phil at World Tea House which would be better to get a concentrated tea:  To steep the tea longer, or to use more tea?  He said that since I wasn't using it to drink, I might as well just steep it longer.
Then he said that you could even simmer it for a while.
Then he said that you could even just boil it down to get everything out of those tea leaves.

Thanks for the beauty tips, Phil! *gigglesnort*

So a good boiling is what I did.  I boiled down some black tea, and after I was done boiling it down to a bit less than one cup, I added some honey and lemon. After washing my hair rinsed it out with the tea rinse and had myself a lovely, lovely bath using the rest of the coconut milk and some more honey.  Used a little bit of the tea concentrate with some water and used it as a toner, since tea is astringent.  Mostly I tried it because a) I had some already and b) it smells about a million kajillion times better than apple cider vinegar.  After all that, I was pretty much soft as a baby's ass from head to toe.  Managed to stay that way when I woke up too, although I was significantly less damp by morning.

Don't ask me what tea I actually had to drink that day, since I had a list of it all, and then lost it with that little finger twitch.

Anyway, yesterday I had a pot of Hot Rod while at home, which I re-steeped once, and a cup of lukewarm rooibos chai while I was at my dance class.  A new pot was needed by then, but the tea balls couldn't be found. Oh noes!

Today so far it's been:

Pot of ginger-mint (I drank that in the morning instead of Hot Rod in the hopes that it would clear up my nose. It kind of did.)
Cup of Vanilla Black at work. (I was in a rush after my yoga class, which was just before I started work today, so I didn't get a chance to grab a cup of tea at the studio like I usually do.  That's too bad since it was White Coconut Creme today - one of my favorites!)
Cup of a new tea at World Tea House: Coconut Cocoa Pu-ehr.
Re-steep of the vanilla black

That's where I'm at now. Now I must talk about the new tea:  It's not actually up on the shelves yet, but I got to try a cup and I must say that I really, really like it.  I don't mind the usual dirt taste of Pu-ehr, but it's not my favorite.  This though is a nice chocolatey tea with a bit of coconut.  It's like the cocoa and pu-erh just kind of blend together.  I would absolutely love to try that in a latte.  I think it would be fantastic.

That's all for now.  Til' next time!

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