Monday, October 31, 2011

Whatever works, right?

Wasn’t feeling great yesterday.  Ended up getting a sore throat, a kinda stuffy head and just generally drained.

The good ol’ ¾ ginger ¼ licorice worked pretty well for two of those things, at least.  Cleared up my head and definitely helped my throat.  Didn’t wake me up any, but since there’s no caffeine, I wasn’t really expecting it to.
There’s really only one problem with it:  It doesn’t actually taste that great.  It’s not bad, and as far as sore throat cures go it’s probably one of the best, but as a regular cup of tea?  Not really a fan.  I love ginger, and I love licorice, but together it’s just…blah.  Maybe if there were more flavors blended in or if it was the just ginger, then I’d like it a bit more.  I guess I’m very all-or-nothing when it comes to my teas.  And by “all or nothing”, I mean “many or just one.”

After that I had a cup of hot rod, and was basically a lazy ass all day.  I must have done something right though, because once I was done what I call “the morning shuffle” I felt pretty bright-eyed this morning.

The Morning Shuffle is when I first get up in the morning and I can’t quite manage to walk correctly, so I just slowly shuffle around the house with my eyes still closed.  It is best not to try and talk to me at this time since all I can manage are grunts and whining noises, and I usually can’t actually understand what anyone else says to me.  This morning I think my mom said something about supper while I was still in shuffle mode.  I’m honestly not sure what she said.  I didn’t get to ask again because she left before I got out of The Shuffle.

I know that a nice cup of tea would get me out of The Shuffle a lot quicker, but since I, unlike my mother, don't have any way to program anything to make my hot beverage of choice for me so that it's ready for me before I’m actually awake, I don’t bother.  By the time I’ve made the tea and it’s cooled down enough for me to actually drink it, I have to leave.  If I take a cup of tea that I made earlier with me to work, by the time I get to work it’ll be cold.  Instead, I just wait until I’m about to leave to make my tea, and let it cool down on the way to work. This way I'm not disappointed by not getting to drink my tea while it's still hot and I also avoid having to do anything more that might tax what little mental power I have in the morning.  Plus I usually get to take a nap on the bus.

See?  Public transport has its upsides.  Just imagine what would happen if someone driving a car tried to do the same thing.

This morning I cuddled a nice warm mug full of Hot Rod while dozing on the bus.  It's a pretty good way to start the day when you can get a seat.

Right now I'm at World Tea House for my lunch break again.  It went from nice autumn weather to "Get ready for winter, motherfuckers!" overnight a couple of days ago and it hasn't warmed up since then, so I decided that some nice, hot tea was needed today.  Masala Chai it is.  Spicy like my attitude, and black as my heart.

Okokok, the tea isn't really black.  It's more of a dark brown.  I do drink it without milk or sugar though, so in a sense it's black.  It's a classic fave of mine, and I know I've blogged about it in the past.  Last winter, around the time I started this blog, it was what I drank pretty much every morning.  (If you don't believe me, just go back and read the entries from last January.)

Every chai from every tea place is always a little bit different.  I like the Masala Chai here because it's a pretty good balance between spicy flavour and still tasting like tea.  Sometimes you end up with basically straight black tea, sometimes you end up with a bag full cinnamon.
At World Tea House at least, there are two kinds of tea with "chai" in the name:  the masala chai and temple chai.  The temple chai is a bit less spicy and has a hint of vanilla.  I prefer that one iced, since it's a little sweeter.

Anyway, that's all for now.  I'll go get my hot rod re-steeped as usual and head back to work. 

'till next time!

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