Saturday, October 29, 2011


I was up late last night sewing rubber snakes onto a hat, finding out that the hat was too small, trying to sew them onto a scarf, having them fall off the scarf, figuring out that I could attach what I had already sewn to a headband, ripping up skirts, and generally hating everything.

I really should have had some tea.  I mean, why the hell didn't I drink some tea?  The situation had everything that usually calls for tea:

I was stressed
I was trying to get something done
I was trying to stay up late

These are all awesome reasons to brew up some tea.  Why the hell didn't I drink any tea???

Anyway, I had tea today.  I had tea and finished my snake headband, had some more tea, and actually had a pretty good day despite not having had much sleep.


Anyway, today there was Hot Rod, then more Hot Rod.  I didn't get a lunch break today, so I didn't get a lunch break, so no tea for me.
It is now currently "after work" time, and now I'm enjoying a pot of Hojicha at World Tea House.  It's a new one at World Tea House.  It's like the Kuchika twig tea.  It tastes like roasted bark.  I hate using the term "earthy" but this is pretty damn earthy.  More bark like than pu-ehr which is more "earthy" in the sense that it tastes a bit like dirt.  Delicious dirt, but still dirt.

I had a card full, so I got myself a free cup, too.  Yay!

In short, today was a good day.  Even if I never want to see a rubber snake ever again.

'Til next time.

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