Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catchup and Thank You to Mint

Here we go:
Monday:  Decided on my day off to finally check out Sawadee Tea House.  Holy tea!  SO MANY TEAS!  I was feeling a little overwhelmed when the lady working (I'm not sure if she was the owner or not) started talking about different tea blends that she had to help with different problems, like digestion or trouble sleeping.  She mentioned PMS, and didn't my hateful uterus decide to remind me of it's discontent right at that moment.  I know that my problem isn't really PMS, as that would be, you know, pre-menstrual syndrome, but I decided I could use all the help I could get.
I remember that the blend is mint, nettle, and honeybush, but I think there might be something else too.  I can't quite remember.  Next time I go back, I will ask her.

Now, I can't really say whether it really helped out, or whether that was more of a placebo effect, but I can say I felt better after having a cup.  I figured, I liked the taste anyway, so the worst case scenario would be that it didn't really help with my cramps that much, but still tasted quite nice.
I really liked how everything was set up there.  It looked really nice, and was pretty calming.  There were some boutique type things in the back (scarves, incense, etc.) and a lot of plain dried herbs too.  And about a bajillion kinds of tea.  Roughly.
I also liked the little timers she had.  No beeps, so they won't alert me if I'm deep in a conversation about video games, but they're still effective.  I think beeping would have ruined the atmosphere there anyway.  The writing on the top of the little sand-timer reads "herbal 7 minutes"
I decided to pick up a small tin of the tea to drink at home as well.  Like I said, you tell me that eating grass would help with cramping, and I'd probably try it.
Which brings me to my next problem: Whenever I try and research different herbal remedies, it looks as though every herb ever is effective for every ailment ever, which just cannot be right.  It's very confusing.

Anyway, back to Sawadee:  There were quite a few nice tea/coffee sets for sale.  I'm  happy that none of them were in purple, or else I'd basically have to buy it.  Have to.
There was a book there on how to use Rooibos tea in cooking.  Looking through, some of them seemed pretty cool, but some of them seemed a bit too complicated for me.  I get scared off by the word "Duck" in  a recipe.
While looking at the book on Rooibos recipes, she brought out a little booklet of info on different teas so I could read up on Rooibos.  It was pretty cool.
I was also happy to find out that she does a pretty well priced lunch special....World Tea House:  You might not see me as often for lunches anymore.  Don't worry, it's still my go-to place for meeting with friends.

Happy with my new discovery, I decided to get something to eat.  I figured I'd go with yam rolls again, since I love them so very, very much.  But when I got up to I Love Sushi--Gasp!  They were closed!  The sign said they weren't open again until quite late.  That made no sense to me me:  Why would a restaurant close over supper time?  Maybe it's just not usually a very busy time for them, I guess...
Before I could despair though, I remembered that Dharma Sushi was basically right across the street, so I went there instead.
I remembered that they're yam tempura rolls aren't quite as crunchy as I'd like, probably because they add avocado (which is delicious, but not exactly crunchy) so I got the veggie tempura plate instead.  Delicious.  I also got some miso soup and some unagi maki rolls.  To drink though, I decided to try some brown rice tea.

It was actually pretty good.  It almost tasted like something I could eat.  I think I could drink that as a kind of "snack tea", if that makes any sense.
It's ok if it doesn't.  I often don't make sense.

After nomnomming the nommy noms, I decided to pop into World Tea House, since I was only a few buildings over from there anyway.
I noticed a tea I hadn't noticed before, the Kauai Cocktail (which I'm not really sure how to pronounce), which according to the site is hibiscus, currents, rosehips, pineapple, and rooibos.

The colour of the tea was surprising.  It was dark pink. :o

Alright, so this wasn't really the best picture to illustrate the colour of the tea.  I'll have to try again sometime.

It. Was. So. Good.  My first thought when I saw it was that it looked like juice.  "Oh no," I thought. "If I keep thinking it looks like juice, I'm going to be disappointed when I take a sip and it tastes like tea."  Except it actually does taste like juice.  I was drinking hot juice.  It was delicious.  I heard Phil say that if he gets a slushy machine for the summer, that this might be one of the flavors he slushes.

Just a warning Phil:  If you slush this, you may never be able to get rid of me.

Now, I have no idea why, but Monday night (well, probably Tuesday morning) I woke up feeling horribly nauseous.  I was sure I was going to throw up eventually.  I (very slowly) made my way to the bathroom and waited a while.  Nothing much was happening, so I (again, very slowly) made my way to the kitchen and brewed up my secret weapon:  mint tea. (Pacific Cost Mint, World Tea House).  I stole my mom's diffuser to do it.  There are two teas that really help me when my tummy is upset:  mint and ginger.  I didn't have any ginger, so mint it was.

I slowly sipped it and felt good enough to go back to bed, where I happily slept until pretty late.  I was asleep before I finished my cup.

Thank you mint tea.  You make the contents of my stomach stop panicking so much that they want to call an emergency evacuation.

Tuesday during the day wasn't quite as exciting, except that I met up with my friend and hung out for a while.  She's always really great to talk to whenever I feel like doing something creative.  She gets me charged up and ready to take on the world for a bit.

We met up at Cabin Coffee.  The whole theme there is that you're in a cabin.  The walls look like a cabin, there's a tree in the corner, it looks kinda woodsy.  To help with the cabin-feel, there were mice running around.  You know, to add some wildlife to the mix.

(I actually don't mind mice at all, I think they're pretty cute.  Neither did my friend.  As long as they aren't eating or pooping in my food, I don't care.)

She got some flavored coffee, which just smelled like coffee to me, and I got some hummus and pita bread and a small chai latte.
I was actually kind of surprised how small their small was.

Still, I kinda felt like I had to get something, since I walked in with a thermos full of the blend I got from Sawadee Tea House the day before.  It was another crampy day, ok?

I'm pretty sure it was made with syrup, but it was alright I guess.  The hummus was good though!

That's all for now. :D

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