Thursday, March 17, 2011

That's a whole lot of green...

I can't say I started off my morning with Chai, because it was actually the afternoon before I made it, while running out the door to catch my bus.  I ran and only just caught it.  I'm really happy for that, I was sure I would miss it completely.
Anyway, for my lunch break I wandered up to my usual place and got myself a pot of Irish Breakfast tea.  Why?  Because there was a special on for it today because it's St. Patrick's day. :D

My pot of Irish Breakfast, and across my friend's pot of White Peach.

From the window I could see a lineup to get into Durty Nelly's.  It was a sea of green.

Besides the fact that I'm not a big drinker anyway (well, not alcohol) I've always felt a little uncomfortable with getting completely smashed on St. Patty's day.  In the morning.  In public.
I mean, besides the fact that I would be uncomfortable drinking that much, that early in public anyway, doing so in the name of the Irish just seems...

Yeah, I just don't like it. :(  I'll choose another holiday that's less closely tied to a different nationality to get shitfaced.  Like Labour Day. Hell yeah, Labour Day.

While I was drinking it I decided that a little bit of milk would be great, so I went to get some.

And I splashed a big glug of it (Note: I use "glug" as a unit of measurement) in my cup. :(

Not cool, milk.  Not cool.  Having that much milk in my tea is only good when it's a Latte. :(

And this time I remembered to get some hot water on my way out the door. Because I am a total wuss when it comes to hot drinks, and because my travel mug is a very good mug, I'm still drinking that cup now.

So, overall I'm feeling a bit better than I was this morning.  I've got tea, and I've got a computer.  I'll be alright.

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