Friday, March 18, 2011


I might have mentioned before that I love mint.  I really do.  The only thing better than mint is mint chocolate.
In fact, last night I was having a dream about buying some minty candy at a store.  I was trying to figure out what product would have the most mintyness for the best price.  I think in the end I went with a jumbo pack of jr. mints, but I was still kind of wishing I'd gotten a bag of gummy spearmint leaves.

So, because I was still craving mint, I decided to make myself up a cup of mint tea..
But wait?  Why settle for just mint, when I can have mint and chocolate?

Mint hot chocolate, yaaaaaay!

I just steeped some strong mint tea and added it to some hot chocolate I made up.

I made a little too much, so I shared a cup with mom.  She said she liked it. :3
Hopefully now I won't be tempted to buy a mint hot chocolate from Tim's when I go out to value village later today.

No guarantees I won't go get a chubby chicken burger though.  For some reason I've been craving a chicken burger for the past couple of days.  It makes no sense.  They aren't all that special, and I don't even really like them that much...

Oh well.  I'll start eating better tomorrow, I promise....

PS:  I thought this might actually be a post where I didn't mention World Tea House at all.  Wrong!  The mint tea I used was Pacific Coast Mint from World Tea House.

It'll happen someday.  Eventually. XD

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