Thursday, March 3, 2011

wakey wakey!

Hello, hello again my lovelies. Time for a tea update!

Tonight I'm working later than usual, but I also started later than usual.  While I was at home I decided to brew myself a pot of mint tea (Pacific Coast Mint, World Tea House) to go with my curry chicken.  I tried it the other day for supper and I actually really like the combination of a minty drink with a spicy meal.

Of course, if I had thought this through I would have started the tea a lot earlier, because I was done the chicken before the tea had cooled enough for me to drink.  On top of that, I also started getting ready for work and ended up forgetting about it, so I just put the tea I forgot about in my mug and drank it on the way to work.

For something to drink later while I was actually at work, I brought my tin of white coconut creme with me so I could fill up once I got there.  My co-worker was nice enough to fill my mug up for me while she was on her lunch break.  Thanks!

I went up to World Tea House again for my break.  I decided against bringing my supper with me this time though, since I just wasn't that hungry.  Also, I kinda forgot to grab it on my way out the door anyway.  Not that I haven't forgotten my food until I was already out the door before, but today I was already feeling icky enough, no need to add a too-full tummy to that as well.

Actually, now that I stop and think about it, I feel much better than before my tea break.  Maybe a walk and some tea was all I needed.

Anyway, once I got there I asked for something that would wake me up, since I was feeling kind of drowsy.  Phil recommended the Golden Yunnan.  I really like it.  It's comforting like the kind of "regular" tea my mom would like, but just a little different.  Phil said that it was good with a little milk, but I just drank it black.  (Or in this case, brown.)  I really liked it.  It's not fancy, but it's nice and familiar, somehow.

While I was there I was still eyeing some of the diffusers.  I called up mom and asked if she wanted one, she said yes, and she said she wanted a small tin of tea to try.
Yeah, I got the diffuser and forgot to actually pick up the tea for her.  Sorry mom! :(

It's ok though, I said she could try any of my tea.  I even said she could take one of my tins with her to work if she promised to bring it back, but she said she might forget.  She said she wasn't ready for that level of responsibility. XD

On my way out I decided to try their maple tea latte.  I had heard good things, and wanted something else to drink, so I picked one up.

Holy steamed yum, batman!  Now, for the tea-in-steamed-milk category, Just Us! (who's website doesn't seem to be working at the moment) still wins with their Earl Grey, but this is a close second.  It is really, really good.  Plus, I actually get to choose skim milk, and it was just as sweet as I like my lattes.

For some reason though, it seemed determined to escape out of the cup on my way back to work.  Some of it ended up on my hand.  This was probably because I was walking fast down a hill rather than any real sense of self-preservation on the part of the the latte. Thank goodness for cup tops!

And finally, I filled up on hot water for my mug too so I'd have something to drink later.  This time I did it while I was at work instead of on my way out of the shop.  I'm just starting on that cup now.  I might slow down with the sipping for this one though, since I'm by myself and can't guarantee that someone will be here to watch the front if I need to run to the washroom later...

*sigh* Only three more hours to go...

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