Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm taking it back

I have always heard the term "tea bitch" used in such an awful way.  It's always more along the lines of "Get me more tea, bitch!"
I intend to re-define it.  Rather than someone who runs off to serve you tea at your command, I plan to change the definition to the following:

Tea Bitch:  Happy and willing to serve someone tea if they ask nicely, but also happy and willing to splash hot tea in someone's face if they try and fuck with him/her.  Fond of gathering with friends over tea and discussing feminism, tea, and sequin-covered clothing.  Particularly fond of discussing the word "bitch" as a positive or negative.

I'm planning a little get-together between some of my lady friends.  I could pretend as though I'm just inviting them over for a nice little tea party, but I also know that any time I get together with these friends one on one, it almost always ends in one of us having some sort of feminist rant.  I'm curious to see what would happen if we all got together at the same time.  Something may just explode.

There are, however, two big problems with this.  First, I don't have that much space.  I can get seats for up to eight people (including myself) and I'm not sure I'd really like to have a party with more people, but there just wouldn't be that much space for them.  I'd have to steal chairs from the kitchen, and we'd all be crammed in around the coffee (tea?) table.  I just don't think I can comfortably seat more than four people, honestly.
The second problem is teacups.  I realize this isn't actually that big of a deal, since I have enough mugs, but I just want a nice set.  The set I do have is very cute, but also kind of small.  It's also missing a cup since I broke one.  I guess I am officially on the hunt for a new tea set.

Okay, so I guess there's only really one problem with this.  The teacups isn't actually a problem, it's just me wanting more teacups.

Anyway, until I have enough room to have my own little party, I'll just keep plotting.

Stay strong, Tea Bitches.  Stay strong. <3

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