Thursday, March 17, 2011

What if I get bored of tea? :(

Today's post comes in two parts: Part one, tea I drank yesterday. Part two, sad ramblings.  Please enjoy!

Morning on-the-way-to-work tea was black tea (Vanilla Black, World Tea House)

So, I know I said I would try out Sawadee Tea House, but you know how I said that the only time I had was during lunch?  Yeah, I'm not really sure how they would like me bringing my lunch in and eating it there.  At least I know I'm allowed to eat my lunch off in the corner at World Tea House.  So that's what I did.  Normally I only get a cup of tea over my lunch break, but I got a pot.  Not only that, but I drank it quickly enough to get it re-steeped. :)
It was just as good with the second steep.  Maybe even a little better.  Maybe I'll get a tin and see how many times I can re-steep it at home.

This one was a treat to watch at first too.  I got the Fine Jasmine Pearls, so they cost a bit more, but I think it was worth it.  It was just as light and sweet as the Spring Jasmine that I tried before, but had a little more to it.  If I had more talent as a writer, maybe I could describe it better.  Like I said before, chances are you don't speak enough WTF to understand me right now anyway.  My point is that it was good.  And if I hadn't been such a dummy, I wouldn't have forgotten my phone at home and been able to take a picture of the pot while the pearls unfolded.

My phone wasn't the only thing I forgot though:  I also forgot to get more water for my mug on the way out.  It actually kinda works out, there was a little lineup right around the time that I had to leave, so it's probably for the best anyway.  There's a kettle at work, so I just filled up there.

And now for part two:  Worrying about life.

For the past month or so I've been feeling pretty depressed and I haven't had any idea why.  As long as I'm working or distracting myself, I don't notice, but as soon as I run out of distractions or start thinking about the future, I get unexplainably sad.  Last week wasn't so bad, but it seems to have come back hard this week.  My moods haven't been this unstable since I broke up with my fiance--And that was eight months ago.
Anyway, I'm sure there are a few reasons for why I feel the way I do, but one reason that I kind of stumbled upon was my need to be "entertained" by my jobs.  Maybe it's my ADD talking, but as soon as I realize that I've done everything I will ever do with my job, I just shut down.  Get bored.  Stop caring.  And then I feel absolutely miserable.

Anyway, I think I'm actually afraid that there is nothing I can do and actually support myself with that I won't eventually get bored of.  I don't mean that I want job that is never boring, that's pretty much impossible, I mean something where I won't realize that within half a year I've basically mastered that particular position.

Now, what does this have to do with tea?  Well, it's about this blog.

This is the longest I have actually kept a blog, and this is the most focused I have ever been on my topic, with the exception of this post.  I'm sure that's because right now tea is still new and awesome and I've got loads to learn...but what happens when I learn more?  Will I get bored with it?  Will I get bored with blogging?

What if there is nothing that I won't eventually get bored with?  What am I going to do?

*sigh*  I think it's time for either some tea or chocolate.  Or both.  I'll probably update the result of my supper-break tea later tonight.

Till' then...

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