Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

I'm determined to someday do a dance number to this song.  It will involve a coconut bra.  It will be awesome.

Yesterday in the morning I went with my usual chai (Tali's Masala Chai, World Tea House) which I finished once I got to work.

Also coconut related, but not quite as awesome: Coconut Black tea from World Tea House.
Yesterday I wandered up for my lunch break and thought I'd skip ahead on my list of teas to try to the Coconut Black, because I love coconut so much.

It was..another tricksy false black tea.  It smelled kinda coconutty (I seriously loooooove coconut) but I couldn't taste any of it.  I was a little disappointed, really.  I mean, it was a good black tea, but the coconut just wasn't there at all. :(

In contrast to this though, was the Raspberry Black tea that I tried today.  Very Raspberry-ish!  I absolutely loved it!  If I had any money to spare, (and I don't after that new pair of shoes just happened to jump into my bag...) I'd pick up a tin.  Also, I just bought a tin of tea, I probably don't need a new one.  Not yet anyway.
At this rate, I'm going to need to re-locate my teas to a shelf in another room.  I'm also going to need a new shoe rack.

Mom mentioned that she needed a diffuser for loose tea too.  I've been eyeing one of the diffusers, and a kettle from there as well.  Maybe once I save up a bit more, I'll pick them both up. Or maybe just the diffuser for mom.  I've been really slacking off with my saving lately.  It's time to get back down to business...

....It might also be time to actually create a tea budget.  It's not frivolous spending if it's in the budget, right? Right?


Oh right, I also have no pictures from today's tea break, because I forgot my phone at home.
Oh, and tomorrow will be the last "I wandered up to World Tea House for lunch..." posts for the next little bit, because I only work part time.  It's a good set up, but it's a little strange.  I work Thursday- Thursday with Monday off, then I have Friday-Thursday off.  In two weeks, I only work 7 days, but I work them all at once.
This leaves me with a lot of free time on my hands.  I would really like to learn something new in that time.  So far my list of things I'd like to learn is:

A new language (French or Spanish right now)

And I'd like to see what goes into making tea cups.  I have lots of ideas for tea sets that I know I will never be able to find at a store...

Time to make the most of my time!