Friday, March 25, 2011

K. Let's try that again.

Post about tea I had yesterday was eaten up when my computer auto-restarted with no warning.
Miserable mother fucker. >:(

Alright. Yesterday:

Chai in the morning (Tali's Masala Chai, World Tea House)
I went up to the the usual place for lunch again, because I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to eat my lunch at Sawadee.  Got myself a pot of Rosehips and Hibiscus tea.

I think this might actually be the closest to disliking a tea I have ever come.
Which still isn't that close because I still got my pot re-steeped.
I think I would have liked it more iced.  It has a very strong flavor, and it kind of kicked my ass.  It looked awesome though.

I could watch that steep all day.

I got my mug re-filled on my way out and that was that.

Today:  Went up to the usual place again and ran into a friend studying.  Did everything in my power to make her as un-productive as possible.  We are now all going to see Hobo With a Shotgun tonight.  It's going to be awesome.

Got a cuppa Sencha Mint (which was just as greeny-minty as I had hoped) and a chocolate vanilla mint latte on my way out.  Forgot to re-fill the mug o' chai on my way out.  Ah well.

That's all for today.  This whole post would have been a lot more interesting if this hadn't actually been the second time I wrote it.  Gr.

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