Friday, April 22, 2011


Started off yesterday with more rooibos chai.  It was actually in the afternoon, since I work late on Thursdays, but whatever.
Within ten minutes of my posting the last entry (or at least it felt like it was quick, it might have been longer) @WorldTeaHouse tweets that there are new teas available.
So When I headed over to try some Sweet Hot Cinnamon.  Good thing too, since I left my umbrella there the other day.  Phil (rather reluctantly) gave me back my umbrella.  It's ok Phil, I know it must have been hard to give that back.  It is a pretty awesome umbrella.
So I plunked down with a cup and...

...Loved it!  Cinnamon and cloves, so it's chai-like, but there was orange peel as well.  But still managed to taste different from the Orange Spice.  Very nice. Very...well, cinnamony.

I re-filled my slightly chipped-but-not-broken mug and went back to work.

This morning, mom was super awesome and not only dragged me out of bed with the promise of waffles, but she made me tea too!  I filled my pot up with the tea I wanted this morning, but she still got the water and pulled the tea out of the water once it had steeped long enough.

Thanks mom!! <3

I decided to have some ginger mint tea on my way to work today.  Just ran up to get a re-steep.  It re-steeps fairly well, although it's not as spicy the second time around.  Only really good for a couple steeps, I think.

Hopefully that will be enough to get me through the rest of the day.  I'm so bored here...Who's open on good Friday, anyway?

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