Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tea is certainly looking attractive...

Tea for the past couple of days:

Came over to Halifax a little early to sit, write, and have some tea before heading over to a Tarot workshop at Little Mysteries. It was a great workshop, although it was a bit hard on my butt sitting in those chairs for three hours.  Luckily there was a break at one point for everyone to get up and stretch.

I'm also happy I decided to go and try some yerba mate at World Tea House first, because even though the workshop was awesome, I think I might have gotten a little tired if not for the energy boost.  It's a lot to take in over three hours.  That said, I'd do it again.  I would recommend it for anyone in the area looking for a good introduction.

And what was my energy boost of choice?  A pot of yerba mate.  I really like the taste of it, even on it's own.  My friend who was working said she found it woodsy and preferred it with some lemon, but I think the lemon was overpowering, and that the tea on it's own wasn't too, too woodsy.  She said it was a good non-jitter inducing pick-me-up, and she was right about that.

This means that I just have to try the Silver Needle and the chamomile teas and I would have tried all of their whites and herbals! :o

As for yesterday...

I had planned to meet a friend for tea last night.  I had been saying for a few days that I would bring her some of the ginger mint tea, since it's yummy and helps settle tummies.
(Mom also had some, since she's not a fan of just straight mint, and she really enjoyed that too)

Well, didn't I forget my tin at home?

So, in an effort to try and make up for forgetting the tea, I popped into DavidsTea at the Halifax Shopping Centre to try and pick up something with some ginger in it.

They did not have ginger and mint.  They have about a billion types of tea (rough estimate) with blends of about a billion types of tea together (again, rough, rough estimate), but it doesn't seem like they have just ginger and mint.  And although they may be able to to make blends themselves, it was never offered.
Now, even when I knew what I wanted I was still a little overwhelmed with all of the choices given.  I asked for ginger and ended up with five types of tea in my face.  They smelled wonderful, and I'm sure they're all really, really awesome, but I think I would have just liked an extra second and a half to say "No, I don't think so." or "Yes, that one right there! I'll try that!"

One thing DavdisTea has going for it though?  Really cute servers.  Twice now I've thought the guy talking to me about tea was really cute.  This one had tattoos too. *swoon*

The sample they were giving away that day was their North African mint, which apparently had licorice and fennel in it, but I couldn't really taste anything other than mint right away.  I will say that the taste was a bit fuller than just straight mint, so it was very nice.

There was also an adorable glass tea set that I really wanted, but don't need and can't afford.  I already have one small, cute tea set of four.  These ones just happen to be glass...

In the end I settled on a bag of Electric Lemon.  It was a green tea base with ginger and lemon.  It was pretty good, but I guess it's part of their winter collection, so when they run out, that's it.

At my friend's place, I started brewing a cup, and then went to go mess around trying to hook up an N64 on a TV that hates everything, so I ended up steeping it for waaaaaaaaaaay too long.  It was pretty gross.  I'm going to try another cup when I'm not so distracted and see how that turns out.

Today I had a cup of rooibos chai.  I'll be wandering up to my usual place later tonight.  I'm trying to cut down on the caffeine a bit during this week, but I also want to try new things.  Or maybe I'll just say screw it and try whatever pops out at me.  Whatever the case, I'm sure it will be delicious.

Till later!

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