Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ziiiingin' in the rain...

So.  Electric Lemon from DavidsTea round two.

Whole experience is much, much better when you actually pay attention and take the tea out after a few minutes instead of letting it sit there while trying to figure out whether or not the av cables for your N64 are in correctly (they were, by the way.  Matching up chords that are colour coded is not very hard).

It was a nice start to the day.  Enough zap to get me started and out the door.  It has since stopped raining, but the title still fits.  All this means is that I'm going to be dragging my umbrella around on a sunny day like an idiot.

Ah well.
Anyway, the tea re-steeps fairly well, though it is considerably less lemony-zingy the second time around.  Because it's this much weaker this time, I don't think it would make it through a third round.

Despite it having a bit less lemony kick-ass power, it's still enough to keep me awake right now when all I want to do is take a nap.  The rest of the world is closed on Easter, why isn't my work? :/

I also had another cup of apple + chai tea (Simply Apple + Tali's Masala Chai from World Tea House), but I really can't remember when.  I can't remember if it was this morning, or last night.  If anything, that should tell you the state of my brain at both times...

That's all for now.  Happy Easter, if that's your thing.  In my case, it would be happy zombie movie day.  Oh, I think I see the beginning of an awesome tradition... 

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