Saturday, April 2, 2011

HaHA! Look, it's not CHAI!

It's mint! (Pacific Coast Mint, World Tea House)  Ha!  Let's see if I can go one whole day without drinking any chai tea!

Right now I've got my mug full o' mint.  This is special, not only because it's a mug full of not chai, but it's also a mug full of NOT LOST!
That's right, this may be the longest I've ever had one mug.  It also might not be, because I can't quite remember when I actually got it.  I could find out easily enough since I remember blogging about it at the time, but that would take, you know, effort and stuff.
I'd much rather waste my time writing up a story about super-heroes that popped into my head.  I promised my friend that I would write, so write I must.

Oh, as for tea I had yesterday:

Lemon Verbena.  Just Lemon Verbena, not lemon-and-something-else anything.
It was a lot more lemony than I was expecting actually.  I looove lemon, so this was extra yummy.
It was also the perfect thing to gulp down after running around outside with no jacket on, trying to catch up with a friend who left their cell phone behind at the tea house. XD

On my way out I get some more hot water to re-steep my chai and went back to work.

I'm actually working again today, but considering the circumstances I won't complain.  Besides, this gives me more money for tea.
I have to support my tea habit somehow, you know?

Of course, I probably wouldn't be drinking quite as much tea if I didn't work 5 min away from the two tea houses...

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