Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yes, I'm a bad blogger

Yes, I've had tea, no I haven't been posting for the past few days, yes I'm a horrible person.

Well, maybe not a horrible person, just an easily distracted one.

Anyway, I can't remember exactly which days I've had everything.  Here's as much as I can remember:

Went up to World Tea House to try the white guava ginger.  It wasn't yet out and it couldn't be found, so I tried the new stu-tea instead.  Very nice!  I was told that it had licorice, but that it wasn't a very strong licorice taste.  I got all excited because I loooove licorice, but alas, she was right: it wasn't a very strong licorice taste.  It was a nice earthy blend of flavors though, and I would definitely get another cup sometime.

At a later date I went up and actually tried the white guava ginger.  Love it! Light, sweet, and a little spicy.  Perfect.  This might just bump out white coconut creme as my favorite!

A couple days ago I was off to visit my friend BAD, to chill and have some tea.  To say that she's been stressed lately would be a huge understatement, and since my solution to everything is more tea, I offered to bring some over.
She lives right by the Halifax Shopping Centre and not only that, but the route I took (which was through the mall rather than around it) took me right past DavidsTea.  And the same person was working.  I felt myself being drawn in totally against my will!  Sort of...Well, maybe just against the weak protest in the back of my mind which said I don't really need more tea.

Obviously, this is a voice that I have become very, very good at ignoring.  It's and acquired skill.

Oh, I forgot to mention that last time I was there he said he liked my bag. (which doesn't seem to be available at ThinkGeek at the moment...Oh well, good thing I got mine when I did then!)

As you may or may not know, I love me some geek boys. *sigh*

Anyway, I was feeling like some coconut when I went in, so I asked if they had anything with coconut.  This resulted in even more containers of tea being pulled down from the shelves than last time.  Luckily, I kind of expected this to happen and I wasn't quite so overwhelmed.  After sniffing my way through a variety of different teas, I settled on Buttered Rum.  Because it smelled delicious.  I didn't even bother getting a cup first to try it out, I just grabbed a bag.  I can definitely see myself going back for a tin.
Plus, it boasts a little organic label on it.  No fair trade label unfortunately, though. :(

Once I made it to BAD's house, we hung out, had tea, and I played Zelda on the 64.  I forgot how much I love Ocarina of Time.  I think I left my tea pinch there though.  Or at least, I haven't been able to find it since then.  That could just be because I'm really forgetful and unobservant though.

I started the last couple of days off with my new buttered rum tea because it's new and shiny and tasty.  I brought some with me when I went to my French class, and when I went to a friend's place to hang out and play Borderlands for several hours.

I'm kind of tired of rum in the morning though, so I'm back to my chai (Tali's Masala Chai, World Tea House), which I'm still sipping my way through now.  Oh chai.  I missed you.  Good thing I went and got a refill.

Oh yes, and the past couple times I've gone to World Tea House, I haven't really felt like trying anything new, either because I don't feel I have time, or because I'm in the mood for something more familiar.  I mention time, because World Tea House has a bunch of what they call Premium Teas.  They tend to be higher quality and are good to re-steep a few more times.  The lovely jasmine pearls I tried were both pretty to look at, and just as tasty the second time I tried them.  I didn't have enough time to try for a third then.  I'd like to pop in some day on one of my days off and just see what happens when I re-steep the same pot of tea a few times.
Maybe I will try one of them next time I go in to write for a couple hours.

The wanting something familiar, well, that's just me wanting something familiar. XD

So, all that tea, plus a few more glasses of apple juice + chai is about everything I've tried for the last week or so.  I think.

Actually, I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but that's the best I can do today.

Till next time!

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