Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Now my hand hurts

No, it's not for that reason, you perv.
It's because I was absolutely itching to get outside on such a nice day yesterday, so I went over to World Tea House to write.
And I wrote. And wrote. And wrote.

Now my hand hurts.

While I was writing (and texting, and talking with friends) I had:
One small soy coconut cream latte
Two pots of Vanilla Rooibos
Two pots of Chocolate Monkey.
I also got to have a cup of lemonade with lemon verbena, jasmine, and mint.  We think that it should be either mint OR jasmine instead of both, but either way it was still quite good. :D

I ended up writing quite a bit while I was there.  This whole writing thing is pretty fun.  I've been thinking of maybe making a weekly thing out of it, drop by on one of my days off, and just write for as long as I feel like it over some tea.  Hopefully I'll get better at this and my hand won't cramp up.  I'm so used to typing that I've forgotten how to write, I think.
And really, I just can't quite seem to get the same ideas out of my head when typing.  Besides, my laptop is heavy.  I don't want to drag the stupid thing around.  Kinda defeats the whole point of it being a laptop, but oh well.

Maybe I'll get some more writing done today.  Or maybe I'll finally pop into strange adventures and see what'st here.  I haven't been there in forever.

Till next time!

EDIT:  Still not letting me do pictures!  WTF?

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  1. T.T stop posting about all the tasty tea i'm not able to get to.