Sunday, June 19, 2011


So, work computer is all wonky, (well, the usual one that isn't incredibly slow) I forgot a few things at home, like my makeup and, oh, food, and the weather is nearly as crazy as my moods.  Nearly.  I was crazy depressed last night, but I'm happy again today.  Weird.
I have forgotten or messed up on just about everything except my tea today.  I had a cup of hot rod this morning.  It's all gone now and I haven't gotten a chance to re-steep it at all, but at least I had my one cup.  Wouldn't have been able to function otherwise.

At least I've got more time to write today.  It's silly writing today, but it's still pretty fun.

Yesterday I finally sat down and tried the silver needle.  Phil said I should start with the Chinese silver needle first, so I did.  I really, really like this one.  A lot.  It's really light, but floral like jasmine.  And it resteeps really well.  I got through three pots, and it was still really good by the third one.

I also had a cookie.  Why?  Because they have purple sprinkles!  PURPLE SPRINKLES!  The only thing better than purple is PURPLE IN SUGAR FORM!

Anyway, me BAD, and Krista (friend who mysteriously lost her leg in pic I posted before.  I'm still going to call her Krista the Tea Pirate) chatted and eventually went out for chinese, but overall it was a quiet day.

Not sure if I want to go for more tea again tonight, or if I should actually make an attempt to save some of my money.  Like I said while I was out last night "Guys, we don't make enough to keep hanging out."

We should find a way to entertain ourselves without spending money.  Board games maybe?  I'll have to ask and see...

Maybe that'll happen after I'm done going through BAD's closet and making her throw things out tomorrow.  Probably not though.  Russian Potatoes will probably happen though, so I'll post about that later.

Till then!

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