Friday, June 10, 2011

Much better

Feeling much better than I was yesterday.  Fabulous even.  So fabulous that I needed to try and make my hair fabulous too.  I think I succeeded.

Started off the day with Tali's Masala Chai (World Tea House).  Then I re-steeped it on my way out the door.  It's still great second time around.  Obviously, I remembered my travel mug today.  Not sure if it'll be worth it to get it re-steeped after my lunch break or not.

Unrelated: I have no idea why, but I'm in a great mood today.  Actually, its slightly related.  Tea might not directly cause happiness, but it sure as hell prevents grumpyness.  The day does not continue without tea.

It's odd to be happy and not really know why, but I'll roll with it I guess.  I hope this mood lasts the day, since I've got birthday things to go to today.

Why does everyone have a birthday around now anyway?  It's getting in the way of my anticipation for my own birthday.  Geeze, you people should have been born next month.  What were you all thinking?

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