Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Sweet Zombie Jesus, yes!

I forgot my tea this morning.  I ran out the door and forgot my mug of tea.  Again.

Is anyone noticing a common theme here? No tea = END OF THE WORLD.
I realized that this might have become a bit of a problem for me when I seriously considered going back home to pick up my tea mug, even as I saw the bus coming around the corner to take me to my job.  My job.  For a moment I was willing to completely ignore any responsibilities I have for some tea.  Mostly because I knew that once I got to work there would be no lunch break for me to go run and get any tea.
There would not have been enough time to get my tea and get to work on time, even if I caught a cab.  Plus, I'm the only one scheduled to come in today, and there's no one else that could help customers until I got there.

I knew that the right thing to do was to go in to work, and greet those customers!  It was a tough decision.  But even I still value an actual steady(ish) income over a single cup of tea.

So I just gave a whiny tweet about how I had no tea instead:

"Forgot my tea. No break today. Not gonna make it."

Luckily, someone noticed.  Someone answered my plea.  Dear Sweet Zombie Jesus, thank you!

Someone brought me a large cuppa Temple Chai from World Tea House.  I decided to let him surprise me.  I couldn't tell what it was right away, but I could definitely smell the vanilla.  I thought it might have been be vanilla black until I tasted it.  I forget how vanilla-y the temple chai is for some reason.  I even have a tin of it at home, but I still manage to forget.

I love you friend-who-I-won't-name-until-I-get-around-to-asking-if-it's-cool-for-me-to-name-you-in-my-blog.  You're a super friend. <3

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